Thursday, May 1, 2014

Family Pictures 2014

We got family pictures done this last Monday. (thanks Nicki!) I love how they all turned out. Be prepared for tons and tons of pictures. I promise that I sifted through them and only picked a portion of them. :)

We started at Liberty Park. Claire loved looking at all the ducks and other birds. 

Holding still was torture for Claire. Poor thing.  

I love how big of a step Claire is taking in the picture haha. 

Claire tried to escape from us multiple times. 

Counting the ducks in the pond. 

Waving to Aunt Nicki. 

Playing with Daddy.

Her foot is killing me. I love when she poses for the camera. 

Walking around with Mommy.

Claire couldn't pull her eyes away from the ducks. 

Claire loved holding onto her necklace. 

After we did family pictures, we tried to do pictures of just Claire at Temple Square.

She was done holding still and wanted to run around, but Nicki still managed to snag a few pics of Claire smiling. 

I love this picture. Claire was seriously booking it across the sidewalks.  

Claire's eyes are so pretty. 

Thanks for the pics Nicki!

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