Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Truth Tuesday

So I haven't blogged in about a month. Sorry everyone! I'm still not even done blogging about our trip to California from a few months ago. Plus, I have about ten posts since then that I need to catch up on. We'll see if I get those all done. To get us out of this blogging-drought, I thought I'd do a little Truth Tuesday. 

  • Claire's absolute favorite song is Gangnam Style. She runs around pumping her arms any time we play it for her. She asks to listen to it every day. Every. Single. Day.
  • Richie was in the shower and Claire pulled the curtain back to say "hi." She looked at the floor of the tub, obviously confused. She ran to the cupboard and pulled out her bath toys and went and threw them in to Richie. She's so thoughtful.
  • I almost wore capris today. Then I realized that I'd have to shave my legs. 
  • Claire was playing with her Cinderella carriage the other day. She put Cinderella inside the carriage, whispered "bye bye" and then rolled her off the edge of the table, laughing hysterically. 
  • I've noticed that the past year or so, I've been having shoulder problems. After reaching behind me in the car to give Claire a toy or a snack 15 times today on a two minute car drive, I think I've discovered why my shoulders are always aching haha.
This is a super short TT this week. I guess it's better than nothing. Be prepared for a ton of posts and a TON of pictures in the next day or two. Happy Tuesday everybody!

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