Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Museum of Curiosity

My mom got tickets to preview the Museum of Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point a while back. 

Claire and Lily couldn't wait to see the museum. 

Lily feeding the bunnies.  

Nana helping Claire.

Nana and Lily.

Amy and Kate.


Hula hooping.

Learning how to dance.

Lily coloring.

Claire tried to be a bank teller. 

Lily making a deposit at the bank. 


Claire and Daddy.


Richie being baby hungry.  

Amy and Claire.

How long can you hang like a sloth? I probably waited ten minutes for my turn on this exhibit haha.

Jumping like a frog. Still got hops. :)

Tyler and Lily.  

Learning about earthquakes. 

Claire and Lily in the water section of the museum.  

I'm not sure if the museum is open yet, but if it is everyone should go to it! I totally want a family pass there.

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