Sunday, April 20, 2014


I wanted to keep the Easter tradition of Claire and I wearing matching dresses. Remember last year?

This year, Richie wanted in on the action too (just kidding. I made him match us). So we all wore pink and white. Claire was still the cutest though. 

Claire was a little wary of our neighbor taking a picture of her haha.

Claire really didn't want to hold still for pictures. 

And she was in a bit of a cheesy mood. 

Daddy offered a bit of starburst, and then Claire (coincidentally, I'm sure) started posing and smiling. 

Claire and Mommy.

Love this little girl. 

Someone REALLY wanted that starburst. 

Daddy and Claire. 

And finally, here's a video. Because sometimes pictures just aren't going to cut it. She's so cute. 

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