Sunday, April 20, 2014


I wanted to keep the Easter tradition of Claire and I wearing matching dresses. Remember last year?

This year, Richie wanted in on the action too (just kidding. I made him match us). So we all wore pink and white. Claire was still the cutest though. 

Claire was a little wary of our neighbor taking a picture of her haha.

Claire really didn't want to hold still for pictures. 

And she was in a bit of a cheesy mood. 

Daddy offered a bit of starburst, and then Claire (coincidentally, I'm sure) started posing and smiling. 

Claire and Mommy.

Love this little girl. 

Someone REALLY wanted that starburst. 

Daddy and Claire. 

And finally, here's a video. Because sometimes pictures just aren't going to cut it. She's so cute. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Life Lately

I think I'm all caught up with blogging after this post. Woo hoo! Here's a bunch of random pictures, showing our day-to-day lives the past little while. 

Claire will ask me to take pictures of her all the time. She just looks at me and says, "Cheeeese!" It's so cute. Here's a bunch of those times she's begged for a picture:
At the mall.

While eating

While reading books with Daddy. 

Snack time/playing with play dough. 

Right after she got her new back pack.  

She looks so old in this picture.

 I went to Herm's Inn and ordered a cinnamon roll. This is what I was given. 

All ready for church. 

Making a snowman.

 Kissing baby. 

Driving Daddy's car. 

This is when Claire was sick. I miss when she was little and would love sleeping in my arms.

Apparently I take pictures before church a lot??

Playing with bubbles. This is one of Claire's favorite things lately. 

She loves chasing them and popping them. 

She also loves "blowing bubbles" herself. She more just spits, but it's cute anyways. 

Claire and Lily giving each other a kiss. 

We go to the park every day (unless it's cold/rainy). Right after Claire gets ready for the day, she says (more like chants), "Horse. Slide. Swing. Choo choo. Boat. Whale." (Those are all things at the park). It's so funny how excited she gets. We play for about two hours each time we go. Claire loves it SO much. I'm getting some pretty bad farmer tan lines though. 

On the slide. 


Claire calls this the "choo choo"

More sliding. 

Claire has been dressing herself lately. She put her pants on by herself, but refused to pull them up all the way. 

I love my little gangster baby.  

This is Claire begging for a picture of herself. 

One picture is never enough. :)

Finger painting a picture for Aunt Nicki. 

We've been playing with Easter eggs a lot lately. Claire is getting so good at collecting them in her basket.

Reading at the library with Aunt Amy. 

Riding a bike at Nana and Papa's house. 

This is potentially the longest post I've ever written. Congrats if you made it this far! 

Gateway Museum

I took Claire to the kid's museum at the Gateway and Uncle Landon was nice enough to go with. He was so fun helping Claire with all the exhibits. 

I should have taken a picture of this whole structure. It was heaven for kids who like balls. Claire could have spent the whole time here. 

Playing the mini piano.  

Putting the dolls to bed. 

Playing with water.  

Mini tree house. 

This section was great because only small toddlers could go in. Claire loved the slides. 


Driving with Uncle Landon. 

Grocery Shopping. 

We went to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory afterward. Claire got a slice of caramel apple and savored every bite.