Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Truth Tuesday

A little Truth Tuesday for all my friends. 
  • Claire has always loved trying on my socks, shoes and sun glasses. The other day she decided that she was ready to start wearing a bra. Right after her bath she ran to my room, looped my bra around her, and ran through the house saying, "Ma ma ma ma ma." She thought it was pretty fun. 

  • Don't order swim suits online. Ever. It won't fit, I promise.
  • My nephew, Gavin, told me that snuggling with me is more fun than traveling through space. Apparently I'm pretty good at snuggling. 
  • I never take more than three diapers to church on Sunday. If a parent needs to do more than three diaper changes in the three hours at church, it's time to just give up and go home.
  • Richie was helping Claire eat her dinner the other day. I glanced over to watch and saw Richie swat at Claire's fork. She had been trying to eat a piece of broccoli, but he instead stabbed her fork into a piece of steak. I think he's trying to brain-wash her into loving meat.
  • The picture below still makes me angry. See the little boy/girl looking at Claire? Well I built a tower for Claire to tip over, and that snotty little kid ran over and tipped it over before Claire could. Claire's look of confusion/sadness was enough to break my heart. A warning to everyone: don't mess with my little angel. Not unless you want the mama bear side of me to come out. ;)
  • Claire is going into nursery at church in two weeks. I think I need to mentally prepare myself, because I'm sure there'll be plenty of kids that steal her toys and knock over her towers. 
  • I've read 5 books this past week. Have I ever mentioned on this blog that I'm a book worm? I love reading. I don't understand people that don't love books. 
Happy Tuesday everybody!

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