Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Truth Tuesday

Remember how I promised that I would post blast-from-the-past-pictures? Well I'm keeping my promise. For my first set of pictures, I'm making a confession. I'm a cat lady. I'm just currently cat-less (and since Richie is severely allergic, I'll probably always be cat-less). But I had two kitties growing up, and they always slept on me. And my Mom always snapped pictures. 

  • Claire LOVES Disney princesses. Her favorite is Snow White, or as she says, "No Why." My favorite is when she says Aurora... "ROOOOOOAR!!!"
  • Our neighbor's dinner tonight smells exactly like cat food. And somehow it has made our whole apartment smell exactly like cat food. Like the brown, liquid kind that cats lick out of a can. 
  • Claire was really naughty during the Super Bowl, so we had Officer Soelberg arrest her.

  •  This was before Claire knew what was going to happen. She had a very strained smile because we promised her a cracker if she smiled for the camera. 

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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