Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Truth Tuesday

  • Last night we were reading scriptures with Claire and talking about Abish. Claire started making fish noises. I think she learned a lot. :)
  • Going to church is 100 times more fun (and tiring) once you have a kid. You get to watch them play and laugh through all the meetings. Plus you get to take snacks "for your kids."
  • As a computer scientist, Richie likes writing programs for everything. Everything. Do you want a way to organize thousands of pictures into year and month folders in just a few seconds? We have that program. What about a program that you can track your contractions, and it'll tell you when your contractions are long enough and close enough together that you should go to the hospital? We have that. What if you want all that data to be sent to a website so your whole family can watch (and stop asking, "How's her labor?" "How close are her contractions?" "Have you left to the hospital?"). We have that website.
Charts that were displayed on aforementioned website of my labor with Claire. 
  • My dad might be the most hard-core person I know (and he's also probably the hardest worker, too). I say this for many reasons, but here's a simple example: my parents are renovating their house right now. They were getting new carpet in on Thursday, so Wednesday night my dad was laying out Heatizon (radiant heat) under the carpet. He hit his head on their new fireplace mantel, and it left a HUGE gash in his head. It was probably 1.5 inches long and bleeding like crazy. He sat down for a minute to let my (worried) mom inspect, and then returned back to his project. His head was still bleeding, so every thirty seconds or so the blood would drip down his forehead and run down his nose. He'd wipe it away like it was an irritant getting in the way of his project, and get back to work. Like I said, hard-core. 
  • Anytime Claire wants something that I have (food, phone, toy), she says, "Niiiiiiiiiice." We always tell her to "ask nicely" when she wants something, so she's just started saying "nice." It's so adorable. 
  • Richie looked up how much my phone would be worth if we traded it in to Motorola. We could get a whopping $16 of credit. I'm keepin' it classy with my Razr. 
  • This video is hilarious. Sort of. At least I thought it was hilarious really late last night. 

  • I was chatting with my brother Landon today. This was part of what he said to me during our conversation: "I successfully went the entire day Saturday without showering or putting on a shirt. I also completed my home teaching for the month that day. #HonorYourPriesthood."
This last weekend, I found all the pictures from Junior high through high school on my mom's computer. I downloaded all of them and brought them back up to Logan with me. You can bet that starting next week, I'll be featuring some blast-from-the-past-pictures. Happy Tuesday Everybody!

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sNick said...

Heidi introduced me to Remi Gaillard last year. Ha. Always classic.