Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Truth Tuesday

Thanks for enduring my blogging spree everyone! I'm not even done with all my posts that I need to catch up on. But here's a little Truth Tuesday as a break before I go back to blogging the holidays. 
  • Claire has an obsession with bows. I'm not exaggerating when I say that the FIRST thing she says in the mornings when she sees me is, "Bow? Bow. Bow? Bow." She points at the bows next to her crib. She smiles and nods her head (imagine someone nodding their head "yes" you KNOW you're going to give it to me, right? right? eh?) 

And once Claire gets her first bow, she says "more" over and over until her head is full of bows. 

  • I recently discovered that "Do I look fabulous?" and "Do I look fat in this?" sound very similar. 
  • I also discovered that if you leave your restaurant leftovers in the car for a few hours during the winter, it's not a big deal. It's just like putting them in the fridge (except for your car smelling funky). 
  • Sometimes my husband throws our keys on our second story roof. On accident.


  • Claire has the funniest personality. I'm constantly entertained. Even before she was talking, she would manage to make me laugh every day. Now that she's saying words, it's easier to document her budding personality. For example...
    • Claire was playing in our front room one day and I was sitting by her shelf of toys. She comes running over to me and sternly says, "No," shakes her finger, and continues to pull a micro SD card out of her mouth. She hands me the card and runs off to play with toys. I was so shocked that she found such a dangerous item, but I was more shocked that she recognized it wasn't something she should have, reprimanded herself, and brought it to me. haha 
    • Claire now says "noooo way" if she doesn't want something. It's her first two-word phrase. 
    • Claire loves teasing now. She'll walk up to you with a toy (and a sweet smile) and pretend to share. At the last second, she runs away and laughs. 
  • I had oatmeal (and a cupcake) for breakfast. 
  • And by a cupcake I mean two cupcakes. 
  • "Diapers and wipes" must be the hardest phrase to say. I always want to say "wipers and dipes."
  • And to end our night, I'll leave you with a video of Claire dancing like a maniac.


Kelsey Keller Weller said...

I just LOVE Claire. So much. You and Richie are pretty cool too.

Kathie said...

We will have to have a dance party when you guys come out!

sNick said...

Haha, that kid!