Tuesday, January 14, 2014


We have some traditions that I love doing every Christmas. We have the Savage family party, we'll always try to go caroling, we have breakfast casserole Christmas morning.. You get the idea. There are a few traditions that are my favorite though. 

Each year, my Dad picks out earrings from some foreign country for each of us girls.  I've gotten jewelry from China, New Zealand, Dubai, Paris, South Africa, Scotland and a few other places. This year, I got earrings from Abu Dhabi. I think my favorite part of this tradition is that my dad picks out the jewelry by himself, trying to think of what us girls would like. And he always buys the prettiest things. I also keep all the jewelry in the jewelry box that my dad made for my grandma when he was in Junior High. The jewelry (and the jewelry box) are all so special to me. 

We also get a t-shirt every year on the 23rd. If you want to see last year's shirts, click on THIS link. 

And this year's shirts...

Chip Foose

"And yet, despite the look on my face, you're still talking."

"I read past my bedtime."

Richie is a hardcore Android fan.

"A wise man once said, 'I should ask my wife.'"

"Beard growth chart"

"Keep calm and be a super mom." I LOVE this shirt. 

"iTired. There's a nap for that."

it when 
 lets me watch football"

Another tradition we have is to get a new book each year. It's always a short, illustrated book that we can read as a family on Christmas Eve. This year we got "The Mansion" and I loved it. We have a nice collection of Christmas books after doing this for so many years. 

Something that isn't a tradition, but it should be, is going out with all my girlfriends over the break. 

We all went out to dinner and then most of us went to Megan's new house to play games. It was such a fun night! I loved catching up with everyone. 

Next up on the blog is Christmas morning!

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