Monday, January 13, 2014

Savage Christmas Party

We brought back the Savage Family Christmas party this year. I was so glad that I got to catch up with extended family. 

Ryan, Lindsey (and Penny) and Landon.

Kate snuggled with Hailey for a while.

The Townsend Clan

After dinner and a talent show, Santa came and brought presents for all the great-grandchildren. 






Claire was TERRIFIED of Santa. We weren't really surprised. She doesn't like new people and she doesn't like costumes.

But Claire loved what Santa brought. She opened up her doll and ran around with it for the rest of the night. 

Claire loved running around with her doll so much that she cried when Richie made her stop to take a picture. All four granddaughters got dolls that matched their hair color and had their names embroidered on their skirt. Claire still loves her doll. 

Santa and his elf.

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