Monday, January 20, 2014

Christmas: Preece Edition

We continued the tradition of doing bingo on Matt's birthday. There were lots of fun prizes!

Caydence won a crown and wore it the entire night. 

The birthday boy! 

 I didn't take many pictures over the break (I've stolen all the pictures so far from family). So I apologize that the rest of this post won't have many pictures. :( I always hate when blogs lack pics. 

On Christmas Richie got some toys that were a blast from the past: knex, an air-soft gun and a sling shot. It was so fun to watch all the boys play. They seriously looked like little kids haha.

 That week, we went to the South Davis Rec Center. Richie and I ice skated while Becky watched Claire. 

 It was so fun to spend some alone time with Richie-we don't get much of that over the holidays when we're visiting family. 

Richie and I finished our mini-date and went to go find Becky and Claire. They were in the swimming area watching the younger kids swim. Claire had fallen asleep right there on the concrete bench. She was so tired!

We also did a shopping day with all the girls. Becky, Tarin and Paige helped me to pick out some new outfits. We also went to an art exhibit at BYU. It was the Sacred Gifts: The Religious Art of Carl Bloch, Heinrich Hofmann and Frans Schwartz. It was amazing. I'm not sure if there are still tickets to see it. If there are, I'd totally recommend it. 

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