Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas Break-Around the House

I love Christmas time. It's so fun to spend time with family and do all the holiday activities. I think my favorite part this year was just being around the house, letting the kids play, and catching up with my parents and siblings. That's why my first blog post about Christmas is dedicated to being around the house. 

One of our days was a "snow" themed day. We had snowman pancakes. We originally planned to do a sleigh ride in Midway, but it snowed that day and we didn't want the kids to freeze, so we decided to stay home. 

We decided to let the kids play in the basement for the afternoon instead. They all had so much fun playing together. It was so sweet to watch. I'm glad that Claire is finally old enough to play with her cousins. 

Claire loved snuggling with Papa. If I needed to shower or get ready, I would just plop her on Papa's lap and she'd be happy for as long as I needed. When I took this picture she had been sitting there for 40 minutes. For those of you that know Claire, that's a big deal. I think Papa needs to come to church with us each week :)

Claire also loves her Nana. She would take her book after book, or ask Nana to sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" or "Pat a Cake" with her. 

We decorated gingerbread men. 

Sometimes when my mom takes pictures, she gets so distracted by how cute Claire is, that she cuts off half my face.  

Claire was a good helper at grabbing candies (and trying to eat them).

The finished product.  

Claire has gotten to be such good friends with Lily (or "La-lee" as Claire calls her). They video chat on gmail when they're apart, and each time they see each other they give a hug and a kiss. It melts my heart. 
One of the things that bonds Lily and Claire is their love of food. They're the big eaters in the family. Claire wanted pomegranate, so Lily had some too.  

Lily got raspberries, so Claire wanted some too. They made up a game where they stuck raspberries on their fingers and ate them that way. 

Gavin and Griffin wanted to play the fun game too!

I took way too many pictures of Claire eating. I think it's because any time you give her food, she gets a huge smile. And any time she gets a huge smile, I snap a photo. 

Gavin decorated our cookies for Santa. 

He did a great job!

Santa got Gavin and Griffin remote control helicopters for (early) Christmas...

But it wasn't just the younger boys who had fun with them. Any time Gavin or Griffin left the room, one of the adults would snag their toy and start playing with it. Tyler tried to land it on Richie's head.
 And Richie tried to land it on my stomach. Both attempts failed. We did rig up the helicopter with some string and a cheerio, and Richie successfully flew the cheerio into my Dad's mouth. I can't find the picture of that though. It was pretty awesome.

Sorry there were so many pictures! I have a few more blog posts coming, but they shouldn't be as lengthy. 

Next up? Savage Christmas Party!

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