Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Truth Tuesday

  • Last night we were reading scriptures with Claire and talking about Abish. Claire started making fish noises. I think she learned a lot. :)
  • Going to church is 100 times more fun (and tiring) once you have a kid. You get to watch them play and laugh through all the meetings. Plus you get to take snacks "for your kids."
  • As a computer scientist, Richie likes writing programs for everything. Everything. Do you want a way to organize thousands of pictures into year and month folders in just a few seconds? We have that program. What about a program that you can track your contractions, and it'll tell you when your contractions are long enough and close enough together that you should go to the hospital? We have that. What if you want all that data to be sent to a website so your whole family can watch (and stop asking, "How's her labor?" "How close are her contractions?" "Have you left to the hospital?"). We have that website.
Charts that were displayed on aforementioned website of my labor with Claire. 
  • My dad might be the most hard-core person I know (and he's also probably the hardest worker, too). I say this for many reasons, but here's a simple example: my parents are renovating their house right now. They were getting new carpet in on Thursday, so Wednesday night my dad was laying out Heatizon (radiant heat) under the carpet. He hit his head on their new fireplace mantel, and it left a HUGE gash in his head. It was probably 1.5 inches long and bleeding like crazy. He sat down for a minute to let my (worried) mom inspect, and then returned back to his project. His head was still bleeding, so every thirty seconds or so the blood would drip down his forehead and run down his nose. He'd wipe it away like it was an irritant getting in the way of his project, and get back to work. Like I said, hard-core. 
  • Anytime Claire wants something that I have (food, phone, toy), she says, "Niiiiiiiiiice." We always tell her to "ask nicely" when she wants something, so she's just started saying "nice." It's so adorable. 
  • Richie looked up how much my phone would be worth if we traded it in to Motorola. We could get a whopping $16 of credit. I'm keepin' it classy with my Razr. 
  • This video is hilarious. Sort of. At least I thought it was hilarious really late last night. 

  • I was chatting with my brother Landon today. This was part of what he said to me during our conversation: "I successfully went the entire day Saturday without showering or putting on a shirt. I also completed my home teaching for the month that day. #HonorYourPriesthood."
This last weekend, I found all the pictures from Junior high through high school on my mom's computer. I downloaded all of them and brought them back up to Logan with me. You can bet that starting next week, I'll be featuring some blast-from-the-past-pictures. Happy Tuesday Everybody!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Truth Tuesday

  • I've spent the last few hours working on Calc 2 homework with my brother-in-law. I thought it was actually pretty fun. 
  • This next picture needs some back-story. Richie and I met in Calc 2 at USU. He had gotten home from his mission 5 days earlier and didn't remember anything about calculus. I told him I'd be willing to help him out. He always used Facebook private messages to ask me if I wanted to study with him. 
*Disclaimer* I completely recognize how overly bold I was being. I just find this conversation funny. Richie and I joke about it a lot--I love it. 

If you can't read the conversation, it's typed out below the picture.

Sept. 15, 2009
Richie:  Hey, I don't know if you've done the practice test yet... but if not, and if you want a buddy to do it with, then I could use some help...
Lauren:  Hey! I did it right after math class... And I have an athletic class til nine tonight so I probably can't. But I definitely want to be study buddies. :)
Richie:  Dag... curse you and your being on top of things... well, have fun with classes. 
Sept. 16, 2009
Richie:  Have you already done 7.3?
Lauren:  Nope. Is that the one that's due Friday? I haven't even looked at it yet. So ya know... If you were to work up the guys to ask for my number it'd be a lot easier for you to ask me about math stuff. :)
Richie:  Touche

  • I'd also like to note that the very next private message that I received from Richie was on March 29th, 2010 and he said, "I freaking love you."
  • Richie and I saw this garbage bin on campus. It says "prosecutors will be violated" haha!
  • My mom gave me the nickname "baby dot" and "dot" a long time ago. I've always loved it. It wasn't until this last week that I realized that dot was short for daughter. 
  • This picture is why I hate listening to people sing the star spangled banner. 

  • Today we were all at The Children's Place and I held up a pair of shoes to see if Claire liked them (she has a shoe obsession). She threw herself to the ground and frantically started pulling at the velcro. I think she liked the new shoes. 
  • Claire can count to ten (but not really). One, one, one, one, one, six, six six, nine, ten! She thinks she's so funny when you tell her to say "two" "three" or whatever and she just says "one." She even smirks at you. 
  • Soapy piggy tails are the cutest. 

  • And to end TT, let's all look at a picture of what it looks like when you ask your baby to smile while she's trying to poop.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Shoot 'em up!

Remember this post about our gingerbread house that we made with our friends Kelsey and Brian? Well, while we were putting together the house we joked about blowing it up after Christmas break. We didn't have access to any explosives, but Richie did get an air-soft gun for Christmas. We figured that would be a good alternative. 

The before picture

Kelsey shooting



It was so much fun. We're lucky to have friends who are willing to do random, crazy things with us!

Christmas: Preece Edition

We continued the tradition of doing bingo on Matt's birthday. There were lots of fun prizes!

Caydence won a crown and wore it the entire night. 

The birthday boy! 

 I didn't take many pictures over the break (I've stolen all the pictures so far from family). So I apologize that the rest of this post won't have many pictures. :( I always hate when blogs lack pics. 

On Christmas Richie got some toys that were a blast from the past: knex, an air-soft gun and a sling shot. It was so fun to watch all the boys play. They seriously looked like little kids haha.

 That week, we went to the South Davis Rec Center. Richie and I ice skated while Becky watched Claire. 

 It was so fun to spend some alone time with Richie-we don't get much of that over the holidays when we're visiting family. 

Richie and I finished our mini-date and went to go find Becky and Claire. They were in the swimming area watching the younger kids swim. Claire had fallen asleep right there on the concrete bench. She was so tired!

We also did a shopping day with all the girls. Becky, Tarin and Paige helped me to pick out some new outfits. We also went to an art exhibit at BYU. It was the Sacred Gifts: The Religious Art of Carl Bloch, Heinrich Hofmann and Frans Schwartz. It was amazing. I'm not sure if there are still tickets to see it. If there are, I'd totally recommend it. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Truth Tuesday

Thanks for enduring my blogging spree everyone! I'm not even done with all my posts that I need to catch up on. But here's a little Truth Tuesday as a break before I go back to blogging the holidays. 
  • Claire has an obsession with bows. I'm not exaggerating when I say that the FIRST thing she says in the mornings when she sees me is, "Bow? Bow. Bow? Bow." She points at the bows next to her crib. She smiles and nods her head (imagine someone nodding their head "yes" you KNOW you're going to give it to me, right? right? eh?) 

And once Claire gets her first bow, she says "more" over and over until her head is full of bows. 

  • I recently discovered that "Do I look fabulous?" and "Do I look fat in this?" sound very similar. 
  • I also discovered that if you leave your restaurant leftovers in the car for a few hours during the winter, it's not a big deal. It's just like putting them in the fridge (except for your car smelling funky). 
  • Sometimes my husband throws our keys on our second story roof. On accident.


  • Claire has the funniest personality. I'm constantly entertained. Even before she was talking, she would manage to make me laugh every day. Now that she's saying words, it's easier to document her budding personality. For example...
    • Claire was playing in our front room one day and I was sitting by her shelf of toys. She comes running over to me and sternly says, "No," shakes her finger, and continues to pull a micro SD card out of her mouth. She hands me the card and runs off to play with toys. I was so shocked that she found such a dangerous item, but I was more shocked that she recognized it wasn't something she should have, reprimanded herself, and brought it to me. haha 
    • Claire now says "noooo way" if she doesn't want something. It's her first two-word phrase. 
    • Claire loves teasing now. She'll walk up to you with a toy (and a sweet smile) and pretend to share. At the last second, she runs away and laughs. 
  • I had oatmeal (and a cupcake) for breakfast. 
  • And by a cupcake I mean two cupcakes. 
  • "Diapers and wipes" must be the hardest phrase to say. I always want to say "wipers and dipes."
  • And to end our night, I'll leave you with a video of Claire dancing like a maniac.

Christmas Morning

Christmas was so different this year. And in such an amazing way. Last year, Claire was really little and didn't get the whole present thing. This year, she was happy as a clam. It was so fun to watch her rip open present after present. Sometimes she was more excited to open it than to see what was inside. But as long as she was having fun, I was happy. 

Gavin showing off his new robe. 

Lily and her new dress.  

Claire wouldn't look away from her new toy long enough to smile for a picture.  

She loved ripping off the wrapping paper. Obviously. :)

 Gavin and Griffin with some toys from Santa.

Opening presents. 

The war zone. :)

After opening presents we had breakfast, cleaned up, and went to visit the Preece family. I'll be blogging about that soon. I think next up I'll do a little TT post. It's been almost a month since I've done one!


We have some traditions that I love doing every Christmas. We have the Savage family party, we'll always try to go caroling, we have breakfast casserole Christmas morning.. You get the idea. There are a few traditions that are my favorite though. 

Each year, my Dad picks out earrings from some foreign country for each of us girls.  I've gotten jewelry from China, New Zealand, Dubai, Paris, South Africa, Scotland and a few other places. This year, I got earrings from Abu Dhabi. I think my favorite part of this tradition is that my dad picks out the jewelry by himself, trying to think of what us girls would like. And he always buys the prettiest things. I also keep all the jewelry in the jewelry box that my dad made for my grandma when he was in Junior High. The jewelry (and the jewelry box) are all so special to me. 

We also get a t-shirt every year on the 23rd. If you want to see last year's shirts, click on THIS link. 

And this year's shirts...

Chip Foose

"And yet, despite the look on my face, you're still talking."

"I read past my bedtime."

Richie is a hardcore Android fan.

"A wise man once said, 'I should ask my wife.'"

"Beard growth chart"

"Keep calm and be a super mom." I LOVE this shirt. 

"iTired. There's a nap for that."

it when 
 lets me watch football"

Another tradition we have is to get a new book each year. It's always a short, illustrated book that we can read as a family on Christmas Eve. This year we got "The Mansion" and I loved it. We have a nice collection of Christmas books after doing this for so many years. 

Something that isn't a tradition, but it should be, is going out with all my girlfriends over the break. 

We all went out to dinner and then most of us went to Megan's new house to play games. It was such a fun night! I loved catching up with everyone. 

Next up on the blog is Christmas morning!

Monday, January 13, 2014


We organized a Nativity for Christmas Eve. Gavin was Joseph, Lily was Mary, Griffin was a shepherd and Kate was Jesus. 

 Richie tried to be the star, but that scared Claire. 

So Landon volunteered to be the star. He owned that role.  

Kathie was an angel. 

I love this picture haha.

The kids all did such a cute job!

Jungle Jim's

I guess I forgot to post pictures of when the kids went to Jungle Jim's. The three oldest kids loved it. Claire didn't like the rides. She loved watching all the kids running around though. She's a people watcher. 

Gavin and Griffin played on the bumper cars.

A safari ride. 

Claire obviously didn't like it. :)

The Amazon.

This ride was like the teacups at Disneyland. The worked there helped out and spun the kids every time they came around. 


Claire was so sad when we had to leave.

Just kidding. She was crying because I made her pose for a picture. She's opinionated and lets you know exactly what she's thinking. I wonder where she gets that from. :)

Next up is our Nativity that the grand kids did!