Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Reindeer Trek

We went to the Willow Park Zoo to participate in their very first Reindeer Trek. Claire wanted to be fancy for the occasion, so we curled her hair. We waited on the front steps for Daddy to get home. 

This is Claire's face when she saw Richie's car pull up. To say that she was excited is an understatement. She loves Richie so much.

We headed to Willow Park and started with some games. Richie volunteered as the "antlers" and we did a ring toss game. I lost. 

We said "hi" to the reindeer while we waited for Santa to come. This is as close as Claire would go. She was pretty scared. 

There was a live nativity set up too. 

Claire was also pretty scared of those animals. 

We got a picture with Santa and his reindeer. Again, Claire was terrified. 

Claire then colored a picture of a reindeer. The cartoon form of a reindeer is far less traumatizing. 

We felt guilty for scaring Claire with reindeer/sheep/mules/goats/fat-men-with-beards, so we let her chow down on some Rumbi. I snapped another picture of her because I couldn't get over how cute her hair was. 

For anyone else in Logan (and anyone whose children aren't wimpy), you should go see the Reindeer Trek.

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sNick said...

That hair is adorable. That is all.