Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Truth Tuesday

Is it really Tuesday again? It seems nowadays I only blog on Tuesdays. I guess it's better than nothing! I've been very busy preparing for the Christmas season. Part of that preparation involves pushing Claire around in card board boxes. She loves it and will ask to do it all day.
 Seriously. All Day. She sometimes doesn't want to do anything else! But it can get tiring...
 And when it gets tiring, we stop pushing the boxes around.
 And when the pushing stops, the tears start.
And they don't stop for a while.

The other day I was having Richie take pictures of me wearing different outfits so I could decide which one to wear for family pictures (ridiculous, I know). Anyways, Claire didn't like that the camera was pointing at someone other than her. She walked up to Richie and tugged on his pant leg until he took a picture of her.
 One picture wasn't enough. She must completely understand how adorable she is. 

  • Saran wrap must be the stupidest invention ever. You can never tear it properly. You can never keep it from crinkling into a ball before you cover your food. And if you manage to get a piece, unscathed, to your plate of food, it doesn't stay. It just lays across your food and bunches up on the edges. I hate saran wrap. Thanks for letting me vent about that.
  • I had to cover a lot of plates with saran wrap today. You probably never would have guessed. 
  • What's worse than taking a two-hour Statistics final? Watching other people take a two-hour Statistics final. What's worse than that? Grading 300 finals. THREE HUNDRED. 
  • I didn't grade all 300 finals. I did it with three other people. It was still awful and miserable though. 
  • Does everyone know the song "Sexy Thing"? It's a classic. Today I found out that the band's name is Hot Chocolate. Ha! Classic.
  • I was trying to tell Richie what blanket to grab for Claire. I described the blanket as the damask one (for you men out there, that's a type of pattern). Richie looked at me SO confused and asked, "The dumb ask blanket?"

To end TT, I'll be showing you why I'm a genius. See picture below. 
Claire was being uncooperative at Walmart (didn't want to sit in the shopping cart, be held, or walk on her own). We found this chair and set it in the cart for her to sit in. She thought it was a throne, specially designed for her. Best. Idea. Ever. 

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Tonga T said...

This is so fun to read. And I love "the throne" idea. Yes, you must be a genius. You must take after your mother. Love the blog. Nice end to a Tuesday.

sNick said...

Press n seal saran wrap. You will never go back.