Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Truth Tuesday

  • I can listen to the same song over and over again for days. This is something my family and former college roommates are very aware of. I have memories of my freshman year in college where I'd be listening to a song for the 100th time that day and they'd finally yell from the kitchen, "Lauren! PLEASE find a new song!" (Sorry, guys!)
  • Claire loves reading the same books over and over. And I don't mean just a few times. We'll read books for an hour at a time a few times a day. Karma. 
  • I love reading parenting magazines, blogs and books. A common topic for articles is what to do when someone tries to touch your baby when you don't want them to. Don't believe that this is a common concern? Go HEREHERE or HERE. This is a problem that I really never ran into. People will look at Claire and tell me how cute she is, but they'll never try to touch her. At least until recently. A little old lady (a stranger) tried to grab Claire's hand and she pulled it away and turned around. I think the old lady was a little senile because she thought Claire was playing with her (when she was actually very upset). The old lady reached around Claire and grabbed her hand again. Claire's reaction was priceless. She screeched at the top of her lungs and karate chopped the old woman. I just awkwardly laughed and said she was a mama's girl.
  • Sometimes I wish I was a toddler and could have outrageous reactions: crying when I don't get to eat rocks, laughing hysterically when someone uncovers their face during peekaboo, screaming when I get my socks put on. 
  • That being said, Claire's reaction to the old lady was NOT an over-reaction. If some stranger 10 times my size tried to grab me, I'd karate chop them too.
  • Richie and I went to his Boss's house for dinner a while ago. They served seafood and asparagus, which are not two of my favorite foods. On the drive home, I told Richie that I deserved some Baskin Robbins as a reward for eating a whole plate of seafood/asparagus (and pretending to like it). Even though it was late, we drove to the nearest Baskin Robbins to get me my medium-sized World Class Chocolate Malt. They were closed down and moving to a different location. I probably teared up a little. I'm still bitter that I didn't get my malt. 
  • Claire has enjoyed coloring lately. She has gotten quite good at it, and with the cooler weather, we've been doing a lot of it. From this coloring, I've decided two things: (1) I will never judge another parent for their kid having dirty finger nails. Claire can have perfectly clean fingernails, and after 1 minute of coloring, they're completely dirty. (2) My kitchen counter is slanted. A lot.
  • Remember THIS blog post? Well, I can say that we finally have our happy ending. I'm to the point that I can run a 5K any time I want without stopping for breaks. Richie started running with me in February and he's a great running partner. I think he's even maybe starting to like running. I hit my pre-pregnancy weight in May, which was my goal weight (plus, an additional 7 lbs since then). I've set a new goal to lose 10 more pounds. We'll see how that goes.
  • Richie is listening to THIS song on YouTube right now. He's the cutest.
It's time for bed! I hope everyone had a great Tuesday! Preece out.

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Kathie said...

Oh my gosh Jim will listen to the same song on repeat for a month. And he still won't know the lyrics!
I have hidden books more than once because I just can't stand to read it one more time. This is why we frequently go to the library and get like 20 books. Kids love repetition.