Thursday, October 24, 2013

Truth Thursday: Landon Edition

I haven't blogged in over a week. I've completely dropped the ball. I'm sorry, guys. I've gotten a few complaints from family that I skipped Truth Tuesday two weeks in a row. Lucky for you guys, Landon (my brother just older than me) has stepped in and is writing a guest post. He recently moved to California to get his Masters in mechanical engineering from Stanford. Yeah, he's a little smart. He's also a lot funny. I miss him a ton. His witty humor in this post made me miss him even more! Landon's going to take it from here...

  • My mom got a warning for speeding a little while back. I was pretty amused, since she regularly lectures me on my driving habits, so I took a picture of her ticket and posted it to Facebook. Enter karma. I had been in California for a whopping 5 minutes before I picked up my first ticket here. And let's just say tickets here are a little bit pricier than back in Salt Lake.
  • Santa Clara county has this dumb law that grocery stores can't give plastic bags and have to charge you $.10 for paper ones. I intentionally throw the paper ones in the regular trash instead of recycling, simply out of spite.
  • I have been riding my bike quite a bit lately, since that is really the only way around campus. At first I was a little paranoid about my bike being stolen, and then I realized that no one is going to steal a five-year-old, rusted missionary bike, especially when it is surrounded by literally 100's of nice ones.
  • Speaking of bikes. I can't stand getting stuck behind slow/fat people on bike paths around campus. It's like getting pinned on a moving walkway at the airport behind somebody who doesn't get the whole "stand right, walk left" deal.
  • We all know Asians are terrible drivers. Until now I didn't realize that this extended to more than just motor vehicles. You know that feeling of panic when you check your blind spot and see a little Asian woman lurking back there? That doesn't even come close to the sense of impending doom you feel when you look over your shoulder on your bike and see an Asian creeping up on you on a little, pink 10-speed. Genuinely terrifying.

  •  I sometimes like to enjoy a small spoonful of cake frosting as a little treat. But sometimes, once I get started, I have a hard time slowing down. I've been saving the containers to get a feel for how much I am actually eating. It turns out it's a lot. Like 25,000 calories in the last month kind of a lot.
  • The residences here have 100 Mbps internet. It is pretty much the greatest thing ever to happen to me. You click on something, and it is suddenly on your screen. I wish I could get back all the time I spent in my undergrad apartment "waiting for a page to load." What an outlandish notion from the 90's.
  • I overheard some guys in class mention someone having a double-double. I immediately chipped in "Oh,I love me a double-double, I just had one this weekend!." I had literally read the box-score on the Jazz's preseason game that morning. Why did I immediately think In-N-Out burger?
  •  I wore my MUSS shirts around Stanford campus for three days before the Utah-Stanford football game (don't worry, I have three different MUSS shirts). Not one Stanford student made a comment or attempt pre-game smack talk. I was really disappointed.
  • My brother-in-law Richie reminded me today of the time I used his contact solution on vacation, not realizing that his bottle was a hydrogen peroxide solution. I put it in a regular case, and let it sit overnight. Needless to say, it was incredibly painful when I threw one in the next morning. My eye immediately swelled up so bad that I couldn't even pry it open enough to get the contact back out. Blinded and in pain, I frantically tried to turn on the faucet and rinse my eye out, but instead ended up headbutting the tap. finally, after about five minutes of rinsing, I was able to open my eye enough to pry out the contact. My family still mocks me for this event. If only I had read this sooner:


    Who else thinks that Landon should do another guest post some time? I sure do! Is there anyone else who wants to do a TT? Just send me a message and we'll make it happen. :) Happy Thursday everyone!

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