Friday, October 25, 2013


Back in May, we planted our very first garden. We got lots of yummy tomatoes and more zucchini than anyone could ever eat. I went back through old pictures so I could compare our garden before and after, and I found these pictures of Claire that I took while we were gardening that first day. I can't believe how little she looks in both of them!

That plant in the very top left corner of the picture is the zucchini starter. 

This is a picture of the tomato, pepper, cilantro, onion and garlic plants. Our onion and garlic never grew. The cilantro plant made TONS of cilantro, but then turned into coriander. Our pepper plant made one pepper and then got covered up by the tomato plant. 

Here's our garden right before pulling it all out. That's the tomato plant and the zucchini plant. Can you believe how huge they got? 

Once we knew we were going to pull out our garden, we decided to let one zucchini grow for a while. We left it on the plant for a week and a half and this is what happened. 

I think Claire grows at the same rate as zucchini. 

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