Friday, October 25, 2013

1 Year Photos

We did photos of Claire. Again. I can't help it, guys. When you have a baby this cute, you have to post TONS of photos for everyone to see. Nicki was nice enough to chase Claire around for 2 hours (again) to capture all these awesome pictures. They turned out SO great. Thanks Nicki! We took 434 pictures and I somehow narrowed it down to 19. I love them all.

I love all her smiles.

And I love how her arms are always flying in every direction. 

I love how blue her eyes are. Pretty little thing.

This might be my favorite picture. It's hard to pick. But can you believe how she's posed, and how she's looking right at the camera? 

These photos are all a little more candid. I love them because they show Claire's fun, energetic personality. Who knew that so much personality could fit into such a tiny person?

This is when we were about to leave and I wanted a picture with the three of us. Claire didn't like the idea too much. 

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