Thursday, October 31, 2013


Claire went to Richie's work to visit and take him some Halloween cookies. 

She dressed up as Super Man and loved her costume!

Richie was Batman and I was Spiderman.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Truth Tuesday

  • I'm still behind on blogging. Even after me going a little blog crazy the past few days. Want to know what it is? The trip to Lake Powell that I took with my family almost two months ago. There were sooo many wonderful pictures taken on that trip. Cutting out some of the photos wasn't an option. Putting every single photo into a blog post wasn't an option (unless I wanted all of you to boycott my blog). So, I've just put off blogging about it. Lame, right? 
  • Speaking of putting stuff off, I still have my voicemail on my phone set to "Lauren Gwilliam". I should probably change it.
  • That was weird to type out. Gwilliam. Lauren Gwilliam. Weird.
  • I have officially weaned Claire. She nursed for the last time on Sunday. I might have gotten a little teary-eyed. Last night was especially brutal. I gave Claire a good night kiss and tried handing her to Richie to rock her to sleep. She grabbed onto my arm with a death grip and screamed*. She wanted that milk before she went to bed. I felt so bad.
  • I might even feel worse today. Stopping nursing hurts. Why, you ask? Because my body keeps making milk and there is no where for it to go (unless I contemplate milking my self. Don't worry--I haven't stooped that low yet). Imagine a water balloon being filled way over its capacity. Seriously, guys. My boobs are on fire. ON FIRE. Which reminds me.... (go to 0:49 seconds)
That was my theme song for the day. And likely for the next few days. 

  • It seems parents are picking names for their kids that are more and more unique. Or just the spelling is unique. Kayitlynn instead of Caitlin. Payge instead of Paige. You get it. Are unique names really only a RECENT trend though? Think about it. For example, Snow White. Her name is SNOW. That's kind of weird.
  • I have a new pet peeve. It's when people say "I don't have time for that." A more correct thing to say? "I have free time. I choose to spend it doing other things." Who's with me on that one? I'll even start by setting a good example. I have plenty of time to blog each week. Sometimes I instead choose to play bubbleshooter and drink hot chocolate and read my books.
*Don't worry, Claire stopped screaming very quickly. She loves her daddy and went to bed peacefully. 

Truths about Richie:
  • We have something called a "magic floor" in our apartment. I put my dirty milk glass and cookie plate on the floor next to the sofa, and it magically makes its way to the sink. (In case you didn't pick up on it, Richie's the "magic" part about the magic floor.)
  • Richie is registered for a coding competition. Yep, you read that correctly. A coding competition. I love that he's comfortable to play up his nerdy side. 
  • I also love that Richie is okay to get a little domestic every once in a while. He made a peach pie earlier this week. It was delicious too.
  • My students have homework due tomorrow, so I've been getting a lot of emails with questions. Richie was trying to rearrange our electronics and I told him to be careful not to unplug the internet. He unplugged the internet. I still love him to death though. 
I hope everyone had a great Tuesday, and that your boobs feel way better than mine. Preece out.

Pumpkin Time

We went to a pumpkin patch with our Friends, Kelsey and Brian, a while ago. It was great! I stole some pictures from Kelsey's blog

Claire loved exploring all the pumpkins and hay.

Showing off our pumpkins. 

This might have been the greatest moment of Claire's life. 

We went back to our place and decorated our pumpkins. This is mine..

Brian's Batman pumpkin

Richie's pumpkin

Kelsey painted her pumpkin and put glitter on it. I don't have the finished picture...

This past Saturday, we went to the pumpkin walk with Tarin, Danny, and kids. It was fun and I'm glad they drove all the way up here!

Claire loved posing with the Disney princesses. She thought it was SO fun to stick her head through the holes. Cinderella...

Snow White...

Caydence, Claire and Will as Toy Story Characters

Claire as Harry Potter

Richie is an exact replica of Harry Potter in this picture. Don't believe me? Keep scrolling...

See what I mean? This is Richie in 7th grade. He's a miniature Harry Potter. All he needs is a lightning bolt. When Tarin saw the Harry Potter cutout, she insisted that Richie take his picture in it. And I think it was all because of this picture right here :)

Caydence wanted a picture as Harry Potter too

We couldn't get Claire away from the wooden cartoon cutouts...

So we snapped a few more photos of her...

Because she's just so dang cute...

Friday, October 25, 2013

Hairs and Prayers

I have a few pictures from around the house lately. I must take about 20 pictures of Claire every day. 

Claire's hair fits in piggie tails now. She looks WAY too old in these pictures. 

Claire always has fun hair when she wakes up from naps. She's the prettiest baby, even with her crazy hair. 
 Claire loves washing daddy's hair when she's in the bath. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture with (a) a baby looking, (b) the baby's arm strategically covering herself up, and (c) the baby washing her dad's hair? Well, it's hard. 

Claire sent this picture to her grandparents. From her own personal email. 

Claire folds her arms for prayers now. Her arms don't stay folded for long, and she does a lot of talking, but she's so cute, we'll forgive her. :)

Labor Day Weekend Cont.

Remember THIS post? Well, it's quite lacking in pictures. I was so bummed that I thought I lost all the swimming pictures, but I found them yesterday. Hooray!

Caydence had almost the exact same swimsuit as Claire. What a cutie. 

Mommy and Claire

Grandma and Claire

Claire loved playing with Aunt Tarin in the water.

Look at how cute that face is!

I also found some more bowling pictures from that weekend. I'm loving everything about this picture. 

This picture is also pretty cute. 

Grandpa played with Claire while we were bowling to keep her happy.  

It was a super fun weekend!


Back in May, we planted our very first garden. We got lots of yummy tomatoes and more zucchini than anyone could ever eat. I went back through old pictures so I could compare our garden before and after, and I found these pictures of Claire that I took while we were gardening that first day. I can't believe how little she looks in both of them!

That plant in the very top left corner of the picture is the zucchini starter. 

This is a picture of the tomato, pepper, cilantro, onion and garlic plants. Our onion and garlic never grew. The cilantro plant made TONS of cilantro, but then turned into coriander. Our pepper plant made one pepper and then got covered up by the tomato plant. 

Here's our garden right before pulling it all out. That's the tomato plant and the zucchini plant. Can you believe how huge they got? 

Once we knew we were going to pull out our garden, we decided to let one zucchini grow for a while. We left it on the plant for a week and a half and this is what happened. 

I think Claire grows at the same rate as zucchini. 

1 Year Photos

We did photos of Claire. Again. I can't help it, guys. When you have a baby this cute, you have to post TONS of photos for everyone to see. Nicki was nice enough to chase Claire around for 2 hours (again) to capture all these awesome pictures. They turned out SO great. Thanks Nicki! We took 434 pictures and I somehow narrowed it down to 19. I love them all.

I love all her smiles.

And I love how her arms are always flying in every direction. 

I love how blue her eyes are. Pretty little thing.

This might be my favorite picture. It's hard to pick. But can you believe how she's posed, and how she's looking right at the camera? 

These photos are all a little more candid. I love them because they show Claire's fun, energetic personality. Who knew that so much personality could fit into such a tiny person?

This is when we were about to leave and I wanted a picture with the three of us. Claire didn't like the idea too much.