Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Truth Tuesday

Hey everybody! Tuesday is almost over. But don't worry, I have a little TT to make all ya'll happy. 
  • Richie missed class last Thursday and is watching the lecture that he missed online right now. It's a 6000 level computer science class. It's making me feel kind of dumb. I'm gad that I married such a genius, though. :)
  • I'm the worst at posing for photos. Seriously. Remember THIS TT? For those of you too lazy to click on my link, here's the picture:

        Anyways, ever since I saw this picture, I've been very self-conscious of my pose when I look at photos. Here's a couple photos that show off my mad posing skills. They're all from my recent trip to Lake Powell.

 Me and Landon walking up a red rock cliff. Look at him and then look at me. Do I honestly look like that when I walk? I look like a caveman. In my defense, it was a very steep walk. 

 Looks pretty normal at first glance, right? Wrong. I'm apparently trying to be a femur model. Does my femur look abnormally long to anyone else? I can't believe I was standing like that and thought, "This feels like a natural position and is really comfortable. Go ahead and snap a picture!" It's all I can look at when I look at that picture. 

Claire choked me with her life jacket right when this picture was taken. She loves doing what I call her exorcist scream. She arches her back and throws her head back with all her might. She did her exorcist scream while I was holding onto her. My options were to loosen my grip on her or to let her life jacket jab into my throat and cut off all airways. Since we were in 200 feet of water, I chose to hold on and just not breathe for a while. I don't think either of us enjoyed the tube ride too much. 

Bad idea: taking care of six babies at the same time. 
Worse idea: trying to take care of those six babies on a boat in life vests. 
Worst idea: Come on, guys. There is absolutely not a worse idea than trying to take care of six babies on a boat*. You can tell by the picture that they weren't too fond of being posed in their life vests for the picture.

*I'm totally kidding. Once the boat was moving, the kids loved it. I'm glad we took them all out at the same time. Grandma and grandpa were pretty happy too. 

I think I've said this before, but I'm deathly scared of heights. Landon convinced me to jump off a 15 foot cliff at Lake Powell (If you can even call it a cliff). We stood up there with him comforting me for about 10 minutes before I finally jumped. 

Is it possible to zoom in on pictures on blogs? If so, please don't. Or do, whatever. My face is scrunched up in terror. I'll probably need some counseling when I'm older because of this terrifying experience. 

Anyone else have awkward photos they want to share? Send them to me and I can publicly shame you on my blog. It'll be fun. :) Well, it's time for bed. I hope you all have a happy Tuesday! 

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