Saturday, September 21, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Remember when I said that I was behind in blogging? Well, my post goes all the way back to labor day weekend. Richie's family drove up to Logan so we could all spend the weekend together. It was such a fun time. On Saturday we did the Man vs. Mud run (post on that later) and then family pictures later that day. I already put up some family pictures HERE. On Sunday we all went to church together, did a family dinner, and played games. 

On Labor day we went bowling...

Claire had fun playing with grandpa.

On Monday afternoon we went to the Utah State soccer game. I completely forgot to take any pictures! It was a fun weekend with the Preece family and I'm glad that they all came to visit. 

In the words of my in-laws, Preece out (Get it? It's like peace out).

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