Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Truth Tuesday - Richie Edition

Hi everybody! It's Tuesday, which means that it's time for Truth Tuesday -- RICHIE EDITION! That's right. Lauren is busy working on tomorrow's lecture, and I'm not, so it looks like I'll be the one keeping Lauren up until 11:59 tonight!

Here we go....

  • Claire has decided to stop sleeping through the night. It's torture. Lauren asked me last night how I can be so heartless and listen to her cry. Yes. My wife thinks I'm heartless.
  • Claire walks everywhere now. It's wonderful. Except when she tries to walk down the stairs at my parents' house. Then it's not wonderful.
  • If Claire ever sees skin, she immediately blows a raspberry on your skin. Stomachs, arms, and necks are her favorite. 
  • We've been getting tons of zucchini from our garden. I'm kinda sick of having so much zucchini, so I think I'll let the biggest one keep growing until the plant dies. Maybe I'll post a picture for all of you afterwards.
  • While I was on my mission, I was walking around in about 10 degree weather in Ponca City, Ok. We found a dead squirrel, and decided it would be funny to put a beer bottle in its arms. Not realizing that the squirrel was frozen solid, we found a beer bottle in the nearby dried up canal, and then proceeded to jam the bottle in its arms using sticks we found around. To say it is difficult to maneuver a frozen squirrel's arms is an under-statement. All in all, I'd say the picture turned out quite well, wouldn't you?

I can't really think of anything else to say. This isn't as good of a Truth Tuesday as Lauren, but hey, it's my first one. Can you blame me?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Remember when I said that I was behind in blogging? Well, my post goes all the way back to labor day weekend. Richie's family drove up to Logan so we could all spend the weekend together. It was such a fun time. On Saturday we did the Man vs. Mud run (post on that later) and then family pictures later that day. I already put up some family pictures HERE. On Sunday we all went to church together, did a family dinner, and played games. 

On Labor day we went bowling...

Claire had fun playing with grandpa.

On Monday afternoon we went to the Utah State soccer game. I completely forgot to take any pictures! It was a fun weekend with the Preece family and I'm glad that they all came to visit. 

In the words of my in-laws, Preece out (Get it? It's like peace out).

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Claire's Birthday: Cake

As promised, here's a ton of pictures of Claire eating her Birthday cake. 

She reluctantly dipped a few fingers in. 

Claire thought it was pretty neat that we let her eat something so big. 

She had been playing with a spoon all day and wanted to use the spoon to shovel her cake in even faster. 

Claire is such a sweet baby and wanted to share her cake with Mom. 

She ate so much cake. It was impressive. 

This is one of my favorite pictures.  

And this one.

Claire was clapping for herself after every bite she took. 

Clapping again.  

Claire really enjoyed the chocolate cake.

Posing with Mom and Dad.

Happy Birthday Claire! We love you! 

Claire's Birthday

This little Angel turned one last week. I can't believe it's been one year already. We celebrated her birthday on Saturday. It was such a special day!

Claire's first stuffed animal was Minnie Mouse. She loved cuddling her and sucking on her nose. So, I thought it was only appropriate that her birthday be everything Minnie Mouse. 

The food table. We served Minnie water bottles, sandwiches with Minnie toothpicks, chips, veggies and Minnie shaped cookies. 

Minnie Mouse decorations greeted guests as they arrived.

The homemade Minnie invitations. 

Claire has so many people that love her. We had (great) grandmas, grandpas, (great) aunts, (great) uncles, (second) cousins, and neighbors come to see Claire on her special day. 


Some of Claire's cousins hanging out at the party: 





Claire got a bunch of fun, new toys from her guests. 

"ALL of this is for ME?"

Claire was great at pulling wrapping paper out of the bags. 

Claire got right to playing with all of her new toys.

Claire's cake. It was chocolate, of course. 

She knew exactly who the cake was for. See her pointing to herself? Adorable.

We sang her Happy Birthday.

 Before eating cake.

After eating cake.

I'm going to do a blog post dedicated to Claire eating her cake. Yep, you read that right. There's just way too many cute pictures to choose from. So keep an eye out for my next post.

Claire's birthday was a blast! It was a great day filled with friends and family. Thanks to everyone who helped with the planning and thanks to everyone who came--it was a special day!