Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Truth Tuesday

Guess who skipped Truth Tuesday two weeks in a row? Sorry guys. I have good excuses though! I was in California one week, and my brother-in-law came home from his mission the other week.  Life is pretty crazy, and I'm still behind in blogging, despite the fact that I blog-bombed all of you last week. Sorry about that. :)
  • Today, I discovered that my cousin lives around the corner from me. How sad is it that I didn't know that until I saw her walking home today?
  • I took THIS personality test the other day. It says I'm a yellow. It only gives your "main" color. I think I'm a complete mixture of colors though.
  • I got called a super mom in California. I went to the bathroom to change Claire's diaper, and afterward this conversation happened:
Man:   Did you just change her diaper?
Me:    Yeah...
Man:  You're a super mom! That's the fastest diaper change I've ever seen. You must have had a lot of practice!
Me:    Yeah, I have.

  • I really wish I would have properly thanked that kind man at the airport. I was so thrown off that I didn't know what to say. I honestly thought that after he asked if I changed her diaper, he was going to give me a lecture about doing that in public, or not properly disposing of her diaper, or something like that. 
  • Isn't it sad that I assumed that guy was going to lecture me, and instead he gave me a compliment? There's just so many stories in the news lately of moms getting harassed about nursing/parenting techniques. I think it's made me paranoid. 
  • I used a blow torch at my wedding. This is a fact that I'm very proud of. 
  • I think people complain too much about Facebook. I know that some people over use exclamation marks (guilty) and the caps lock button, but it could be SO much worse. For example, imagine what FB would be like if they enabled italics, underline and bold. Yikes.
  • Bad idea: going to Walmart. Worse idea: going to Walmart on a Saturday night. Worst idea: going to Walmart the Saturday before school starts.
  • Seriously guys, don't ever go to Walmart on the Saturday before school starts. Unless you want to shop will a bajillion freshmen and their mommies, who are stocking up on a year's supply of ramen noodles, macaroni and cheese, and toilet paper. 
  • Today, Claire jammed her finger so far up Richie's nose that it gave him a nose bleed. It was hilarious. It was especially funny when he had a wad of tissue up his nose while he was on our balcony grilling dinner. The neighbors all saw him. :)
  • There are many advantages to being married. One of those advantages is knowing that you will always have at least one "like" on your FB status/picture. Thanks, Richie, for always having my back. Is it weird that I'm worried no one will like my statuses when I post them? Am I the only person who thinks stuff like that?
  • I accidentally littered in the ocean last week. The lid flew off of my soda while we were standing on the pier. It hit a teenage boy on the leg before it fell in the water. He started freaking out because he thought a bird had pooped on his leg. I felt guilty. (But I also didn't feel guilty because he had two collared shirts on, and they were both popped. What a tool. haha)
  • I started a job! I'm teaching a Business Statistics Recitation. I'm really excited. I'm also very nervous. Tomorrow is my very first lecture. If today's TT was completely incoherent, it's because I spent all night working on my lecture and just quickly typed this up. 
  • I'm not kidding when I said I've been nervous all night. I've been pacing the house and scarfing down oreos/milk. I think I've burned enough calories with frantically pacing, that the two have canceled each other out though.
Well, I admitted to binging on oreos. I think that's a sign that I need to call it a night. Have a happy Tuesday, everyone! Wish me luck on my class tomorrow!

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Ellie Mae said...

I love your truth tuesdays...I laughed out loud a couple of times during this post. Keep up the good work. I am sure you are a super mom and I'm totally with you on facebook posts and going to walmart.. Good luck with your new job, I'm sure you'll do great.