Thursday, August 8, 2013

Truth Thursday

Today I got lectured by my brother for not doing a Truth Tuesday. This one is for you Lando Douglas Boofer.
  • I use Claire's sippy cups all the time to drink out of. I drink water. Don't worry, it's not formula or anything nasty. It's just so convenient because her water is always laying around the house. It can get nasty when she has baby food crusted on the spout, though. 
  • I warm up Richie's side of the bed for him each night. My bedtime routine is shorter than his, so I get to bed first. I snuggle up his pillow and sheets so he doesn't have to get in a cold bed. I'm so sweet.
  • I'm also a super hero. I save Claire's life probably 50 times per day. She always tries to eat dangerous stuff, dive off of couches/beds/gliders, etc. You get the idea. 
  • I think my reflexes have gotten much quicker since becoming a parent (see above).
  • Remember when I talked about my fish that wouldn't die? Well, she died. She doubled her expected life-span. I think it was solely to make us miserable. 
  • Richie and I discovered Darla's body (our fish) when we got home from visiting family for the weekend. I was unloading bags when Richie looked over at the fish bowl and said, "Oh..Looks like Darla is dead." I fist pumped the air and started cheering. Claire started laughing and clapping along with me. I'm glad Claire isn't a little bit older, or else we'd be raising her to be a twisted little child*
*Please don't contact social services.
  • I had two people send me pictures today of an organizing project that they had competed. That means that either:
    1. I'm openly critical of other people's drawers/cupboards/closets and they feel the need to organize them to shut me up, or
    2. I'm so organized that others want my praise (ha!)
  • We baby proofed our cabinets in our kitchen and bathroom recently and it is SO obnoxious. It's hard to open the cupboards and we always forget that they're baby proofed now. Last week, I tried to open a kitchen cabinet. I flung the cupboard open and completely snapped the baby-proof-plastic-thing in half. Richie's been making fun of me all week, calling me "The Hulk."  Guess what Richie did today?
  • Last week I took a picture of Claire's yummy lunch. It was like 6 different fruits and spinach. I was going to send a picture to my mom to brag about how I make Claire such healthy lunches and how awesome I am. Then I noticed there were brownies in the background. So much for bragging. I didn't send the picture.
  • There's a trend lately in parenting articles of what you SHOULDN'T say to your child. You shouldn't tell your daughter that she's beautiful because then she'll be shallow and think looks are all that matter. You should say "no" to your child. You should always tell them what they can do, not what they can't. All these articles are driving me crazy. Of course I'm going to tell Claire she's beautiful-because she is. And I certainly am going to tell her no. Because I don't want to end up with an entitled, snotty child. Today, my SIL posted one of those articles that I finally agree with. You can read it HERE. I really enjoyed it.
Well, hopefully my random ramblings make my brother happy. And if that doesn't make him happy, I'll bake him cookies because he comes back to Utah soon! Hooray! Happy Thursday everyone!


Heather said...

This is one of your absolute best posts ever! You definitely ARE a super hero in my book! I love reading Truth Tuesday....uh Thursdays! Keep them coming.

Oh. And may Darla rest in peace.

Jim Gwilliam said...

RIP Darla.