Wednesday, August 21, 2013

California: Sea World

Richie and I went to California for our anniversary/his birthday last week. We had such a fun time! I took TONS of photos and I couldn't decide which photos to post, so I'm just putting all of them up.

We spent our first day in California at Sea World.

Petting a manta ray

Claire reached out toward every exhibit we went to. 

The baby Shamu was adorable. He was born on Valentine's day of this year. 

Claire loved walking underneath the sharks. 

We saw the penguins...

and polar bears...

and star fish...

Claire got worn our from all the fun and fell asleep in my arms. 

She stayed asleep for a while while Richie and I saw a few of the exhibits. 

I blended in pretty well with the flamingos. Richie must be so embarrassed by me. 

Claire woke up about 3 seconds before this picture was taken. I love that she wakes up with a smile. :)

Richie on the sky ride. 

Did anyone else notice that Claire was wearing two different outfits in all these photos? She peed on her first outfit. We had an extra one and quickly changed her into fresh clothes. I, however, did not have a new shirt to wear, so I wore my pee shirt for the rest of the day. :)

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