Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Truth Tuesday

Guess who skipped Truth Tuesday two weeks in a row? Sorry guys. I have good excuses though! I was in California one week, and my brother-in-law came home from his mission the other week.  Life is pretty crazy, and I'm still behind in blogging, despite the fact that I blog-bombed all of you last week. Sorry about that. :)
  • Today, I discovered that my cousin lives around the corner from me. How sad is it that I didn't know that until I saw her walking home today?
  • I took THIS personality test the other day. It says I'm a yellow. It only gives your "main" color. I think I'm a complete mixture of colors though.
  • I got called a super mom in California. I went to the bathroom to change Claire's diaper, and afterward this conversation happened:
Man:   Did you just change her diaper?
Me:    Yeah...
Man:  You're a super mom! That's the fastest diaper change I've ever seen. You must have had a lot of practice!
Me:    Yeah, I have.

  • I really wish I would have properly thanked that kind man at the airport. I was so thrown off that I didn't know what to say. I honestly thought that after he asked if I changed her diaper, he was going to give me a lecture about doing that in public, or not properly disposing of her diaper, or something like that. 
  • Isn't it sad that I assumed that guy was going to lecture me, and instead he gave me a compliment? There's just so many stories in the news lately of moms getting harassed about nursing/parenting techniques. I think it's made me paranoid. 
  • I used a blow torch at my wedding. This is a fact that I'm very proud of. 
  • I think people complain too much about Facebook. I know that some people over use exclamation marks (guilty) and the caps lock button, but it could be SO much worse. For example, imagine what FB would be like if they enabled italics, underline and bold. Yikes.
  • Bad idea: going to Walmart. Worse idea: going to Walmart on a Saturday night. Worst idea: going to Walmart the Saturday before school starts.
  • Seriously guys, don't ever go to Walmart on the Saturday before school starts. Unless you want to shop will a bajillion freshmen and their mommies, who are stocking up on a year's supply of ramen noodles, macaroni and cheese, and toilet paper. 
  • Today, Claire jammed her finger so far up Richie's nose that it gave him a nose bleed. It was hilarious. It was especially funny when he had a wad of tissue up his nose while he was on our balcony grilling dinner. The neighbors all saw him. :)
  • There are many advantages to being married. One of those advantages is knowing that you will always have at least one "like" on your FB status/picture. Thanks, Richie, for always having my back. Is it weird that I'm worried no one will like my statuses when I post them? Am I the only person who thinks stuff like that?
  • I accidentally littered in the ocean last week. The lid flew off of my soda while we were standing on the pier. It hit a teenage boy on the leg before it fell in the water. He started freaking out because he thought a bird had pooped on his leg. I felt guilty. (But I also didn't feel guilty because he had two collared shirts on, and they were both popped. What a tool. haha)
  • I started a job! I'm teaching a Business Statistics Recitation. I'm really excited. I'm also very nervous. Tomorrow is my very first lecture. If today's TT was completely incoherent, it's because I spent all night working on my lecture and just quickly typed this up. 
  • I'm not kidding when I said I've been nervous all night. I've been pacing the house and scarfing down oreos/milk. I think I've burned enough calories with frantically pacing, that the two have canceled each other out though.
Well, I admitted to binging on oreos. I think that's a sign that I need to call it a night. Have a happy Tuesday, everyone! Wish me luck on my class tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I promise this is the last blog post of the night! I'm SO behind on blogging right now and am trying to catch up. For the sake of time, I'm going to put the rest of our vacation onto one post.

We stayed at Richie's Uncle's condo and it was SO nice. We swam in the pool there one afternoon.  

We also spent part of a day visiting his Aunt and Uncle in Huntington beach. It was fun to visit with them and see their new, beautiful home. I forgot to take any pictures with them. They recommended that we head to Huntington beach pier and go to Ruby's. We ate lunch looking over the ocean. 

We went to the farmer's market/swap meet by the pier. 

We also went to visit the Queen Mary. Anyone who is a fan of Arrested Development will appreciate this. 

This ship is the location of scenes from our absolute favorite tv show. We both HAD to get photos in front of it. 

This was the last photo I took of the vacation. I'm pretty sure Claire is waving "bye" to California.

On our trip, we also watched movies, did some shopping, played games, and took plenty of naps. It was a great trip!

California: Orange County Zoo

We spent part of a day at the Orange County Zoo. I didn't take any pictures of the Zoo, but they also had a petting zoo there and I snapped some photos. 

Claire liked looking at the goats, but was way too scared to pet them. 

This is as close as she would get to them.

Richie and I probably had more fun in the petting zoo than Claire did.

After we walked around the zoo, Claire was beat! She rarely snuggles with me for very long, but she was so tired that she snuggled on my chest for a while. I absolutely loved it.

Richie got some snuggles too. 

Claire's favorite part of the day was when we got snow cones and she got to taste some. She was in heaven!

California: Irvine Park Railroad

We spent time at Irvine Park Railroad. It was the PERFECT spot for people with little kids. There were bike and paddle boat rentals, a train ride, pony rides, hiking trails, etc.  Claire loved it!

This is the train that we rode through the park. 

The park has a lot of history and we enjoyed walking through and seeing everything.

Waiting for the train to leave.

Another one of the few pictures with all three of us in it :)

California: Irvine Spectrum

We spent part of our second day at the Irvine Spectrum Center. 

Claire got to ride on a merry-go-round for the first time. She loved it, as long as she had her arm around mine. 

I'm waving in this picture. Please excuse my weird hand actions :)

Her new favorite thing is to push the stroller.

We had lunch and discovered that Claire loves sucking on lemon slices. She's seriously a garbage disposal and will eat anything you put in front of her. 

We did some shopping and one of the stores we went to was Barnes and Noble. "Book" is one of the few words Claire can say. When we walked into the store she started yelling, "Gook! Gook! Gook!" All the workers there loved her. She's holding one of the books we got her in the picture below. Look at how cute that face is! I love how excited she gets about books. I think she could sit on my lap and read all day.

California: Beach

We went to Laguna beach on our second day in California. This was the first time Claire went to the beach, so be prepared for tons and tons of pictures. 

Claire and Mommy

Claire and Daddy

I didn't take a video of Claire's first time walking towards the waves. I probably should have because it was hilarious. This is pretty much how it went:

"Hey look, it's sand! This is fun!"

"Woah, what am I stepping in?"

"Why is that water coming towards me?" 

"I don't know how I feel about this..."

"Get it away from me NOW!"

Claire was scared of the tide, so when we were in the water, she had one of us hold her. 

But she loved the sand! Also, it looks like it was windy that day because of Claire's hair, right? Wrong. It wasn't windy at all. Her hair was just matted to the side because of all the sunscreen we were constantly smothering on her. 

Claire loved sticking her toes in the sand...

and kicking sand all over the place.

Claire is great at taking selfies.

We weren't very good at asking people to take pictures of all three of us, but here's one of the few pictures we have with all of us in it. Of course Claire is closing her eyes. haha

Claire walked up and down the beach like she owned the place. She would walk and smile and wave at people. It was adorable. 

Like I said, adorable.

Claire finished the beach trip by eating sand and seaweed.

California: Sea World

Richie and I went to California for our anniversary/his birthday last week. We had such a fun time! I took TONS of photos and I couldn't decide which photos to post, so I'm just putting all of them up.

We spent our first day in California at Sea World.

Petting a manta ray

Claire reached out toward every exhibit we went to. 

The baby Shamu was adorable. He was born on Valentine's day of this year. 

Claire loved walking underneath the sharks. 

We saw the penguins...

and polar bears...

and star fish...

Claire got worn our from all the fun and fell asleep in my arms. 

She stayed asleep for a while while Richie and I saw a few of the exhibits. 

I blended in pretty well with the flamingos. Richie must be so embarrassed by me. 

Claire woke up about 3 seconds before this picture was taken. I love that she wakes up with a smile. :)

Richie on the sky ride. 

Did anyone else notice that Claire was wearing two different outfits in all these photos? She peed on her first outfit. We had an extra one and quickly changed her into fresh clothes. I, however, did not have a new shirt to wear, so I wore my pee shirt for the rest of the day. :)