Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Truth Tuesday

Sorry about missing Truth Tuesday last week!
  • I lost my camera the other day and had to tear the house apart to find it. Richie eventually found it tucked away in my sewing machine case. Why didn't I think to check there?
  • My mom and I are starting a blog together. More on that later. :)
  • I was reading a beauty blog the other day and the article suggested using clear mascara on your eye brows to help keep them in place the whole day. Seriously? Are my eyebrows going to get out of control on a windy day? Everybody, please let me know if I need to tame those puppies down. 
  • Claire's diapers have Sesame Street characters on them. When I load new diapers into her changing table, I organize them by character. 
  • Richie and I had an unnamed friend over the other day to visit. He was reading a list of computer languages (C+, SQL, Java. You get the idea). He read C# (C sharp) as C hashtag. We'll probably never let him live it down. 
  • Every time I'm in nursery (that's my calling at church), I get anxiety while feeding the little kids their snacks. It's the exact same anxiety I get while feeding baby ducks at the canal.  
           Don't touch her bread.
           No you've already eaten too much. 
           Yuck, that's not food.
  • Seriously though, am I the only one who wants every duck to get the exact same number of bread pieces? I'm the crazy lady who's trying to launch the tiny pieces of bread clear to the back of the duck pond. Bread isn't exactly aerodynamic, so I look extra ridiculous trying to to reach the runt ducks who aren't getting as much food. It's worth it though. It's worth it when a tiny duck snatches a chunk of bread from one of the bully ducks. 
  • I can never think of creative titles for my blog posts. I think I've used the title "Family Fun" about ten times already. If I were to be use a title different than "Truth Tuesday" today, It'd probably be "Ducks and Bushy Eyebrows". See why I don't try to get creative with blog titles?

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