Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Truth Tuesday

Truths where I'm fessing up:
  • Richie and I made cinnamon rolls last Sunday. We didn't have Karo syrup so we borrowed some from our neighbors. Then we realized that we didn't have yeast, so we borrowed some from our other neighbors. We then realized we didn't have enough flour, so we decided to give up on our cinnamon rolls. Richie went to return the borrowed ingredients and instead came back with flour. We eventually made the cinnamon rolls and they were really good!
  • I forgot to mention that we also borrowed eggs because we realized (after we borrowed the flour) that our eggs were expired. Richie also put in egg whites instead of egg yolks. It's a miracle those cinnamon rolls were made. 
  • Today, Claire was extra energetic and it was so fun to watch her play. Instead of following her around and cleaning up every mess she made, I decided to be a little more relaxed and just let her make her messes. She emptied my dish towel drawer, my oven mitt drawer, my fabric drawer, her bucket of bath toys, all of her regular toys, 2 book baskets, and three hampers full of dirty laundry. Needless to say, our apartment was a disaster zone today.
  • I'm really glad my mother-in-law didn't pop in for a surprise visit today (see above).
  • When I push in our bar stools at our kitchen island, I have to have the grain on the bar stools going the same direction. It's my apartment-pet-peeve. Richie made me type this. 
  • I just googled how to spell stool. I wasn't quite sure if a bar stool was spelled differently than a "poop" stool.
Truths where I'm bragging:

  • Remember this post? Well, now I'm under my pre-pregnancy weight. Hooray! My next goal is my high school weight, which is losing another 7 pounds. Doesn't sound like a ton of weight, does it? Well it is. These last few pounds are the dang stinking hardest to lose. 
  • I need to have more bragging truths about myself . Are we noticing a difference in size between the two sections?
Truths about Richie
  • Richie and I were contemplating going to California in August for his birthday/our anniversary. We were comparing airline rates on Delta, Jetblue, American Airlines and Priceline. Richie accidentally bought non-refundable tickets on Priceline (I don't know how, don't ask). Guess who's going to Cali in August?
Truths about YOU:
  • Our blog gets way more views for Truth Tuesday than any other post I put up. So, all you readers would rather read embarrassing stories about me than see cute pics of Claire. It's okay, I like TT too.

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Becky said...

I sure wished I had popped in to visit today. It would have made me feel right at home:-) So when's the accidental trip to California? I think I need Richie to ” compare” prices for me for a trio to Greece!