Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Truth Tuesday

  • We've had the same fish for 2.5 years and it WON'T die. She was cute when we first got her and we treated her like our own little baby. Now that we actually have a baby, the fish is more of a nuisance. Her name is Darla. Anybody want a fish?
  • I hate throwing away Swiffer dusters. I'll use them until they are smearing dust across my tables and picture frames. And then I'll use them for a bit longer. And then I'll throw them away.
  • I left one of our dust-filled swiffer dusters on the table. Claire found it and started chewing on it. Parenting fail.
  • I have tons of pictures on my phone from the previous owner, and I still haven't deleted them yet (I bought this phone off KSL). Good thing I'm not some weirdo. I would never trust someone else with the pictures on my phone-mostly because they're all of Claire. 
  • A friend of mine named Shaniqua* wanted to travel on an air plane with her exotic pet. She went to her doctor and had them write a note saying that her pet was an "emotional support" and she needed it on the plane. It worked. Awesome, right?
*Name has been changed to protect identity
  • I finally gave in and started watching Vampire Diaries. Want another truth? Richie is watching it with me. 
  • This is the most Diet Coke we've ever bought in (almost) three years of marriage. 

  •  Okay, I'll admit it. We don't just buy soda and dump it down the drain. We bought it to make these planes for my Daddy for Christmas. They were pretty awesome. 

  • This picture is for my Dad. Why didn't I give him this picture for Father's Day? That would have been his favorite gift, hands down. Oh well.

Happy Tuesday!

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