Monday, July 15, 2013

10 Months Old

Claire is 10 months old! Time is flying by way too quickly. Here's an updated timeline of her first 10 months.


And here are some more photos that we took of her on her ten month birthday!

Claire is full of laughter and giggles.

Richie had to hold her still for almost every picture. She just wanted to crawl around and grab the camera. 

"Wait a minute mom, I'm not ready for pictures yet!"

This picture is a litle washed out, but it shows Claire's pretty eye color. Every time I go to the store, I'm stopped multiple times by people telling me how cute Claire is and how pretty her eyes are. I completely agree. 

We love you, Claire! You make us happier than ever.


Becky said...

It really feels just like yesterday when we all gathered at the hospital awaiting her birth. She has been such a joy and has blessed our life greatly! Happy 10 month birthday Claire!

Heidi Hutchings said...

She is so beautiful. I wish we could see her more often.

Kathie said...

Oh my goodness I just want to give her a big kiss! So cute.