Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Babies Gone Wild

Claire is getting cuter every day (if that's possible)! She's also learning so quickly. One of the cute things that she does is give big, wet, sloppy kisses any time she wants something. She's also learning how to bite/chew with her two little teeth that have grown in. Those two things together aren't a very good combination. 

Claire crawled up to me today and gave me a big kiss. Then out of nowhere she clamped down on my bottom lip. She giggled afterward and thought it was pretty funny. It was actually really cute. My battle wound is pictured below.

So did you all notice that I came up with a creative title for my post today?  (See yesterday's post if that question makes no sense to you)  Here are some other pictures that go under the category of WILD...

Claire posing on daddy's bike. This was a while ago.

I don't think I ever posted pictures when I did this. This was back in February, so she's a lot younger in these photos. 

Claire's pretty much a future rock star.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Truth Tuesday

Sorry about missing Truth Tuesday last week!
  • I lost my camera the other day and had to tear the house apart to find it. Richie eventually found it tucked away in my sewing machine case. Why didn't I think to check there?
  • My mom and I are starting a blog together. More on that later. :)
  • I was reading a beauty blog the other day and the article suggested using clear mascara on your eye brows to help keep them in place the whole day. Seriously? Are my eyebrows going to get out of control on a windy day? Everybody, please let me know if I need to tame those puppies down. 
  • Claire's diapers have Sesame Street characters on them. When I load new diapers into her changing table, I organize them by character. 
  • Richie and I had an unnamed friend over the other day to visit. He was reading a list of computer languages (C+, SQL, Java. You get the idea). He read C# (C sharp) as C hashtag. We'll probably never let him live it down. 
  • Every time I'm in nursery (that's my calling at church), I get anxiety while feeding the little kids their snacks. It's the exact same anxiety I get while feeding baby ducks at the canal.  
           Don't touch her bread.
           No you've already eaten too much. 
           Yuck, that's not food.
  • Seriously though, am I the only one who wants every duck to get the exact same number of bread pieces? I'm the crazy lady who's trying to launch the tiny pieces of bread clear to the back of the duck pond. Bread isn't exactly aerodynamic, so I look extra ridiculous trying to to reach the runt ducks who aren't getting as much food. It's worth it though. It's worth it when a tiny duck snatches a chunk of bread from one of the bully ducks. 
  • I can never think of creative titles for my blog posts. I think I've used the title "Family Fun" about ten times already. If I were to be use a title different than "Truth Tuesday" today, It'd probably be "Ducks and Bushy Eyebrows". See why I don't try to get creative with blog titles?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

River Trail Hike

Today we went for a hike on the River Trail up Logan Canyon. It was a really pretty hike and Claire loved it. Richie carried her the whole way.

Richie's best friend since 3rd grade moved into the apartment next door to us about a year ago. It's been so fun to have him and his wife close. We do stuff with them all the time. They were great sports on the hike, picking up Claire's toys as she threw them in the dirt and stopping whenever we needed to give Claire water.

We ended the day by grilling some burgers and hot dogs and had some of Natalie's famous homemade rocky road ice cream. Thanks for a fun day guys!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July Birthdays

July is always a fun (and busy) month for us! We have 4 family birthdays within a week of each other: my mom, my father-in-law, my dad and then my nephew. To top it all off, my brother had a baby on Saturday! We had such a fun weekend celebrating births and birthdays!

Too bad I forgot to put the SD card in my camera. So here's a bunch of pictures that I got from my family from this weekend. 

We celebrated Terry and Will's birthdays first. Here's grandpa with all his grand babies. 

You:  Wow, Lauren. Your husband looks like a stud.
Me:   Yes. Yes, he does.
You:  Is that a stud finder he's holding in his hand?
Me:   It sure is.
He really is a stud. 

Grandma's picture of Claire. 

Claire playing with her new favorite toy.

Claire and Auntie Paige.

Tyler and Amy made me an aunt again! Baby Kate was born on Saturday and she is absolutely precious. Don't you want to just run your fingers through her hair? That's what I did all weekend. 

 Grandma with 75% of her grand daughters and her favorite child.

Claire wasn't too happy about me holding Kate.

Congrats Ty and Amy!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Lava Hot Springs

We went to Lava today with Richie's family! We mostly played in the pools where there were slides and diving towers. We later went and got ice cream and floated the river. It was an absolute blast!

Don't worry, Claire isn't sunburned in this picture. She just had red cheeks from being warm because we hadn't been in the pool yet. We also couldn't get her to look at the camera because she was too busy looking at all the new people. I just had to post this picture because we hardly ever get pictures with all three of us!

After an hour or two, Claire fell asleep in the pool. She was exhausted and took a pretty good nap (considering there were loud, splashing kids surrounding her).

Richie was sure to shade her for her whole nap.

This is the diving tower that I was too wimpy to dive off of.  

It took Claire a little while to warm up to the idea of swimming, but after she was in the pool for a little while, she played and had a blast! After she wore herself out in the pool, we played on the grass and let her dry out a little. She looked like a hobo child with all the sunscreen in her hair. I promise that we brush her hair every day. :) 

 Caydence and Will played at the park next to the river that we floated down. It was so fun to watch them play together. I can't wait until Claire is old enough to play with her cousins!

Thanks for a fun day, Preece clan!

PS-I'm trying out a bigger font on the blog (if you didn't already notice). Is it easier to read now?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Truth Tuesday

Truths where I'm fessing up:
  • Richie and I made cinnamon rolls last Sunday. We didn't have Karo syrup so we borrowed some from our neighbors. Then we realized that we didn't have yeast, so we borrowed some from our other neighbors. We then realized we didn't have enough flour, so we decided to give up on our cinnamon rolls. Richie went to return the borrowed ingredients and instead came back with flour. We eventually made the cinnamon rolls and they were really good!
  • I forgot to mention that we also borrowed eggs because we realized (after we borrowed the flour) that our eggs were expired. Richie also put in egg whites instead of egg yolks. It's a miracle those cinnamon rolls were made. 
  • Today, Claire was extra energetic and it was so fun to watch her play. Instead of following her around and cleaning up every mess she made, I decided to be a little more relaxed and just let her make her messes. She emptied my dish towel drawer, my oven mitt drawer, my fabric drawer, her bucket of bath toys, all of her regular toys, 2 book baskets, and three hampers full of dirty laundry. Needless to say, our apartment was a disaster zone today.
  • I'm really glad my mother-in-law didn't pop in for a surprise visit today (see above).
  • When I push in our bar stools at our kitchen island, I have to have the grain on the bar stools going the same direction. It's my apartment-pet-peeve. Richie made me type this. 
  • I just googled how to spell stool. I wasn't quite sure if a bar stool was spelled differently than a "poop" stool.
Truths where I'm bragging:

  • Remember this post? Well, now I'm under my pre-pregnancy weight. Hooray! My next goal is my high school weight, which is losing another 7 pounds. Doesn't sound like a ton of weight, does it? Well it is. These last few pounds are the dang stinking hardest to lose. 
  • I need to have more bragging truths about myself . Are we noticing a difference in size between the two sections?
Truths about Richie
  • Richie and I were contemplating going to California in August for his birthday/our anniversary. We were comparing airline rates on Delta, Jetblue, American Airlines and Priceline. Richie accidentally bought non-refundable tickets on Priceline (I don't know how, don't ask). Guess who's going to Cali in August?
Truths about YOU:
  • Our blog gets way more views for Truth Tuesday than any other post I put up. So, all you readers would rather read embarrassing stories about me than see cute pics of Claire. It's okay, I like TT too.

Monday, July 15, 2013

10 Months Old

Claire is 10 months old! Time is flying by way too quickly. Here's an updated timeline of her first 10 months.


And here are some more photos that we took of her on her ten month birthday!

Claire is full of laughter and giggles.

Richie had to hold her still for almost every picture. She just wanted to crawl around and grab the camera. 

"Wait a minute mom, I'm not ready for pictures yet!"

This picture is a litle washed out, but it shows Claire's pretty eye color. Every time I go to the store, I'm stopped multiple times by people telling me how cute Claire is and how pretty her eyes are. I completely agree. 

We love you, Claire! You make us happier than ever.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Picnic

Richie and I decided that it was too beautiful today to do dinner inside. So we packed up a picnic dinner and headed to the Merlin Olsen Park. And when I say "dinner", I mean that we packed a pan of brownies and two forks.

Where on earth did Claire get her beautiful eyes? Oh right, from her daddy.

Soaking in the sun. 

Claire with her favorite toy, keys. 

Claire loves riding on daddy's shoulders. 

Prettiest baby on the block.

Mini Aggie

I already posted a picture of Claire's new USU shirt, but I didn't post any pictures of her wearing it! 

Claire loved her new shirt!

However, she didn't like sitting on the bed to take pictures. 

No, I didn't purposely match Claire's outfit to mine. 

Go Aggies!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Family Fun!

My cousin, Hailey, got married a couple weeks ago and all of my family was in town for the wedding. I don't have any pictures from the wedding yet, but I have a few pictures of my family at home. My parents were in grand baby heaven!

Do you know how hard it is to get five little ones to look at the camera?
My mom couldn't help herself when she found matching outfits for her three little girls. They looked so cute. I didn't want to miss out on the fun, so I threw on a matching outfit and had my brother snap a few photos. Please excuse that I don't have makeup on in the pic :)

Angel, Sunshine and Princess with Grandma
Claire will be so embarrassed by me some day :)
 Jim and Kathie blessed their new baby, Brynn, while they were out here. So we took another photo op and asked Kathie's family to take pictures of the whole Gwilliam clan. 

Aren't we a cute bunch?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Truth Tuesday

It's Tuesday again! Who is ready for Truth Tuesday?
  • Our first truth isn't really a truth-it's more of a show-and-tell. I made this shirt for Claire. I used Richie's USU shirt, cut it apart, and made one Claire's size. I still need to hem the bottom.

  • Sometimes, while Richie's away meeting with his thesis adviser, I steal his shirts and cut them apart.
  • I was in a public bathroom last week, changing Claire's diaper. A little old lady came out of one of the bathroom stalls and had a toilet seat cover hanging out of the top of her sweat pants. I didn't tell her. I know, I know. It's the "women's code" to always tell other women things like this. But in my defense, at first glance, I thought it was an adult diaper hanging out.
  • On Sunday we went for a walk around our neighborhood. Once we got home, Richie pointed out that one of Claire's shoes was stuck to my back the whole time. Karma?
  • I've been very self-conscious about how old I look lately. My team-teacher for nursery asked me if I was 26 or 27 a few weeks ago. Do I look 27? I'm not saying that 27 is old, I'm just saying that women generally don't like looking 5 years older than they really are. 
  • Richie and I ordered a pizza for dinner one night last week. When I went to go throw the box in the dumpster outside, I just threw on Richie's flip flops. As I was close to the dumpster, our neighbors pulled into our parking lot. A wave of embarrassment came over me. What kind of a wife feeds their husband take-out pizza for dinner*? I wanted to get rid of the evidence before they got close enough to see me, so I tried jogging to the dumpster. Richie's flip-flops are waaay too big for me, so I tripped. I caught myself in time, but I still looked like a complete idiot, stumbling around with a pizza box, trying to frantically throw it in the dumpster. 
  • I really hope our neighbors don't read this blog. 
*I don't think there's anything wrong with eating pizza every once in a while  all the time. I was being irrational at the time and I honestly don't know why I was embarrassed about holding a pizza box. I hold no judgement for fellow pizza-eaters

Who else thinks that Richie needs to be featured in Truth Tuesday? I bet if we nag him enough, he'll do a whole post some time dedicated to just him. Here's a few truths to get the ball rolling. 
  • Richie always puts a lighter against his silk ties (it gets rid of dangling threads). Once, I was wearing a lace shirt and it had some dangling threads. Without asking me permission, he grabbed the lighter and flung it across my chest. It was only for a second, but I had a hole in the front of my shirt big enough to stick my head through. It was terrifying, but hilarious at the same time. I miss that shirt, but it was worth the sacrifice to be able to say, "Hey honey, remember that one time you lit my shirt on fire while I was wearing it?"
  • Richie is watching the Vampire Diaries with me right now. He must love me or something. 
Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

9 Month Pictures

Richie's sister took some pictures of Claire right before she turned nine months old. Claire is getting so big! Thanks Nicki for the pics!