Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Truth Tuesday

Are we noticing a pattern here? I guess I'm out of town every other Tuesday. Sorry for missing last week's post!
  • Claire was eating pears a few days ago and I got some on her cheek. When I was cleaning her up, I wiped the pear off her cheek and ate it. It was one of those moments that you pause and think, "Did I REALLY just do that? Did I really just eat food off my child's face?"
  • During the Spring semester of track at USU, a few of the guys on the team got a pet duck. This pet duck joined us at practice and was very social. It would actually run with us. It was hilarious to watch it waddle as fast as it could, following people during their workouts. I think they got rid of it after a while because it stopped coming to practice. It never even got to come to a meet.
  • Today we went to Taco Time to meet up with some of Richie's friends from Oklahoma. After I ordered my food, a little old lady in line behind us got after me for not ordering any food for Claire. Um, no. I won't be ordering a burrito and mexi-fries for my nine month old baby. 
  • If I drove across to country to Utah and could pick any restaurant to eat at (that wasn't in Oklahoma), it wouldn't be Taco Time. 
  • It is my personal belief that if you don't cry during the movie UP, you are heartless and have no soul.

  • My uncle posted this picture of the "5 little cousins" on Facebook the other day. There are so many awkward things to point out. Also, I apologize to my cousins/brother in advance for any embarrassment that this might cause.
  1. My pose. I look like I'm doing a squat-in-the-woods-to-go-to-the-bathroom-pose.
  2. Danielle's pose. She looks a little better than me though.
  3. Hailey and I are wearing overalls.
  4. Lindsey has a hamster in her hair.
  5. Landon's pants zip off at the knee.
  6. We're all wearing sketchers. 
  7. We all have our jackets tied around our waist. 
  8. Landon has a muscle-T on.
Happy Tuesday everybody!

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Heidi Hutchings said...

Well, you kids might look a little "dorky" by todays standards but that was a fun trip! We packed a lot of great times into 5 days and I still remember it like it was yesterday! What is your best memory of this trip (other than the clothing and poses in this picture)?