Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Truth Tuesday

I missed TT last week! I was on a trip and got back late on Tuesday. Sorry!
  • I ate squash baby food last week. Don't worry, it wasn't willingly. My mom was helping me feed Claire on the airplane and she stuffed a bite in my mouth. It was pretty gross. 
  • I dyed my hair darker a few weeks ago and the only person that noticed was my neighbor, Natalie. I mostly wanted to get the red out of it, but don't you think it's darker?

  • A month or so ago, two of my brothers temporarily moved in with my parents. Thinking my parents would have no room in their house, I jokingly asked my mom if my little family could move in with them during the summer. Bad. Idea. My mom got SO excited that another grand baby would be living with them. And then I had to tell her that I was kidding. Sorry mommy!
  • And for our last TT this week, I'd like us all to take a moment of silence....

...and be grateful that my face isn't swollen up like a balloon anymore. Happy Tuesday everyone!


Kathie said...

I love this little blog series you are doing. And yes your hair looks darker.

Heidi Hutchings said...

I love your fat face! :)