Monday, June 3, 2013

Cali Trip: Part 3

One day, we went to Happy Hollow. It was such a perfect place for kids! It's a zoo, but there's also roller coaster rides (kiddie sized ones) and a huge play ground. I think we could have spent a few days there and the boys would have been happy. I loved watching Gavin and Griffin play and explore. I can't wait until Claire is old enough to join in on the fun!

Claire and Brynn (unintentionally) matched with their blue and pink outfits. Their blue/white striped shirts were almost identical!

Some of the rides...

My mom and dad were so helpful this trip by carrying the diaper bag, Claire, binkies, diapers, etc. Thanks parentals!
This picture should be my dad's profile picture on facebook. Nag him about it. 

Digging for dinosaur bones.

Claire mastered drinking out of a sippy cup this trip.

Gavin and Griffin pushed Grandpa on this swing! 

 Claire was exhausted after playing all day. She fell asleep in my arms before we even left the park!

After Happy Hollow we headed to the airport to fly home. Thanks for such a fun trip, mom and dad!

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