Sunday, April 7, 2013


Easter was so fun this year! We celebrated with my family on Saturday and did an Easter egg hunt and a dinner at Ty and Amy's house. It was so fun to watch the little girls play at the park. On Sunday we went to church and then Tarin and Danny had us over for dinner with all of Richie's siblings. Richie's parents were out of town, so we partied it up without them. :)

I (of course) can't do a blog post without posting a few pictures of Claire. 

Please note the arm rolls.

I seriously need to sign her up for modeling somewhere. She's so adorable. 

Playing at the park!
Happy Easter everyone!


Heidi Hutchings said...

Arm rolls are noted--wish I could squeeze them. She looks ADORABLE! The dress is darling--with your recent homemaking skills, I'm thinking you made it????

Kathie said...

I love her arm rolls! She and Gavin can be friends.