Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Valentine's Day

Look at what a hunk of a husband I have.

 I'm really the luckiest girl. On Valentine's Day, I was woken up with breakfast in bed. Most girls get breakfast in bed on birthday, holidays, etc. I get breakfast in bed every week. Like I said, I'm lucky. Richie had school, so I had a play date while he was gone. Once he got home, Matt, Richie's brother, came over and babysat Claire so Richie could take me out to dinner.

Matt did a great job with Claire. She loved him! She blew out on Matt while we were gone, but he got her into a new outfit and got everything cleaned up. Thanks Matt!

Claire got her first flower from her Daddy. She obviously loved it.

Richie got Skyfall for Valentine's day. After we sent Claire to bed, Richie ran to the movie theater and grabbed some "real" popcorn (he's a popcorn snob). Then we snuggled on the couch and watched our movie.

Like I said, Richie is a popcorn snob. But that's okay because I'm a mug snob. That's right, I'm picky about my mugs. So, Richie hunted across Logan for the perfect mugs for me to drink my precious hot chocolate in. These mugs are HUGE. They also have a concave bottom so my hot chocolate mix doesn't get stuck in any cracks. I'm serious about my hot chocolate. 

Claire made Richie a Valentine while he was at school. He loved it. Claire loved having paint smeared on her little feet.

Valentine's Day was great!

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Becky said...

What a perfect Valentine's Day!