Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pinterest: Baby Shoes

I've decided to post some of my latest crafts from Pinterest on this blog. My goal is to post anything and everything Pinterest-y, regardless of whether or not it's a total flop. 'Cause let's be real, some of the stuff on Pinterest ends up being a total disaster. 

I saw the idea for baby shoes HERE and decided I could make some for my future Niece. 

Here's the fabric

All the pieces cut out
Ruffles put on

Almost there!

Inside out

The final product!

I loved these shoes! Hopefully my baby niece likes them too. :)


Kathie said...

Oh she likes them! And her Mom LOVES them. Thanks again. They are so so cute.

Danny and Tarin said...

Have you ever seen the "pinstrosity" blog? They post all kinds of pinterest fails and it is so funny!

sNick said...

Whoa, those are cute!