Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas Day!

We slept in on Christmas Day and woke up to yummy orange rolls. 

Claire was so excited to get all her Christmas presents.

Grandma and Caydence

Richie and Claire

Preece Clan

Richie and Claire (again)

That afternoon, we headed to my parent's house. My Mom had gotten a beautiful harp that my Dad had been hiding in his shop. We opened up our presents and then got ready to have our Christmas dinner. 

Right before dinner started, Richie's little brother, Mike, called from his mission in Mexico. 

So, we feasted in front of the computer! Sorry to Mike for eating in front of him! It was so fun to be able to talk to him. He'll be home this Summer!

Every year, Kathie puts together a slideshow for us to watch. We all submit pictures to her that sum up everything we did that year. It is always so fun to watch and I appreciate that she puts that together for us. 

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