Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Reindeer Trek

We went to the Willow Park Zoo to participate in their very first Reindeer Trek. Claire wanted to be fancy for the occasion, so we curled her hair. We waited on the front steps for Daddy to get home. 

This is Claire's face when she saw Richie's car pull up. To say that she was excited is an understatement. She loves Richie so much.

We headed to Willow Park and started with some games. Richie volunteered as the "antlers" and we did a ring toss game. I lost. 

We said "hi" to the reindeer while we waited for Santa to come. This is as close as Claire would go. She was pretty scared. 

There was a live nativity set up too. 

Claire was also pretty scared of those animals. 

We got a picture with Santa and his reindeer. Again, Claire was terrified. 

Claire then colored a picture of a reindeer. The cartoon form of a reindeer is far less traumatizing. 

We felt guilty for scaring Claire with reindeer/sheep/mules/goats/fat-men-with-beards, so we let her chow down on some Rumbi. I snapped another picture of her because I couldn't get over how cute her hair was. 

For anyone else in Logan (and anyone whose children aren't wimpy), you should go see the Reindeer Trek.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Truth Tuesday

Is it really Tuesday again? It seems nowadays I only blog on Tuesdays. I guess it's better than nothing! I've been very busy preparing for the Christmas season. Part of that preparation involves pushing Claire around in card board boxes. She loves it and will ask to do it all day.
 Seriously. All Day. She sometimes doesn't want to do anything else! But it can get tiring...
 And when it gets tiring, we stop pushing the boxes around.
 And when the pushing stops, the tears start.
And they don't stop for a while.

The other day I was having Richie take pictures of me wearing different outfits so I could decide which one to wear for family pictures (ridiculous, I know). Anyways, Claire didn't like that the camera was pointing at someone other than her. She walked up to Richie and tugged on his pant leg until he took a picture of her.
 One picture wasn't enough. She must completely understand how adorable she is. 

  • Saran wrap must be the stupidest invention ever. You can never tear it properly. You can never keep it from crinkling into a ball before you cover your food. And if you manage to get a piece, unscathed, to your plate of food, it doesn't stay. It just lays across your food and bunches up on the edges. I hate saran wrap. Thanks for letting me vent about that.
  • I had to cover a lot of plates with saran wrap today. You probably never would have guessed. 
  • What's worse than taking a two-hour Statistics final? Watching other people take a two-hour Statistics final. What's worse than that? Grading 300 finals. THREE HUNDRED. 
  • I didn't grade all 300 finals. I did it with three other people. It was still awful and miserable though. 
  • Does everyone know the song "Sexy Thing"? It's a classic. Today I found out that the band's name is Hot Chocolate. Ha! Classic.
  • I was trying to tell Richie what blanket to grab for Claire. I described the blanket as the damask one (for you men out there, that's a type of pattern). Richie looked at me SO confused and asked, "The dumb ask blanket?"

To end TT, I'll be showing you why I'm a genius. See picture below. 
Claire was being uncooperative at Walmart (didn't want to sit in the shopping cart, be held, or walk on her own). We found this chair and set it in the cart for her to sit in. She thought it was a throne, specially designed for her. Best. Idea. Ever. 

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Truth Tuesday

Hey everyone! Have you guys noticed that I haven't blogged in a while? Well, it's been a few weeks. I'm sorry! Life has been busy. Plus, my computer crashed and my hard drive was TOAST. Luckily Richie got all my pictures (all 8000 of them) and everything else off the computer. We also were out of town for 4 days last week. Like I said--life's been a little crazy! Without any more delay, here's a long awaited TT:
  • PLEASE click on THIS LINK. It gives the 31 reasons why I hate soccer. I will never get into soccer. Ever. 
  • I carry a calculator around in my purse. Not just a 4-function calculator, but a fully functional graphing calculator. 
  • We have two Christmas trees. One of them is decorated with a peacock theme. Pics to come. They're both so cute.
  • Everyone should watch this video. It's so great.
  • Sometimes, when I'm alone, I'll start talking in a sing-song voice without thinking.
 "Mommy's grabbing some water out of the fridge right now."
"Mommy's going to go potty really quick."
"What should Mommy have for lunch?
I talk to Claire all day, so when she goes to bed, the talking continues, and I end up talking to myself like a crazy person.

We all have lazy things that we do (or rather, don't do). Here's a few things I do to save an extra millisecond off my day:
  • I don't pick up Claire's toe/fingernail clippings. They're SO tiny. I just clip her nails, brush off my lap, and go about my day. 
  • I never properly clean my waffle iron. I just wipe it out with a damp paper towel and tuck it away. Anyone want to come over for waffles?
  • This isn't about me, it's about Richie. But recently, we were walking around outside and Claire was snacking on cheerios and she dropped one on the ground. Richie noticed and stepped on it, twisting his foot from side to side until it was completely smashed into powder. I think that was a much better option than bending over and picking it up. 
  • If I drop anything on the floor that Claire can eat, I point to it and tell her to eat it. So convenient. 
  • I make Richie go get me my birth control pill and my water bottle sometimes. Getting off the couch is hard to do.
Has anyone else read THIS blog? It's awesome. It's my inspiration for this next set of truths. Reasons my daughter cried today:
  • She asked for a sippy cup. I gave her a sippy cup.
  • I wouldn't let her have the toilet paper that I used to wipe. 
  • I picked her up out of her crib after she woke up in the morning. 
  • I picked her up out of her crib after she woke up from her nap. 
  • She dumped water on her head during her bath. 
  • I unzipped her jacket.
  • I rolled her sleeves up.
  • I wouldn't let her have the knife I was using to cut her lunch. 
It sounds like Claire cries a lot, but it's really nothing compared to the amount of giggles and smiles that I constantly get. I love that little girl. 

Well, it's late. Sorry for disappearing from the blogging world. I'll be better at blogging for a week or two, and then we'll be spending time with family and I'll skip out on blogging again for a while. Thanks for stopping by to read! Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Capture the Flag

Richie took part in a coding competition last week. The rules were simple: You have 48 hours to code a program using nodejs and javascript. He chose to make a Multi-Player Capture the Flag game. It's dang sweet. Everyone that plays it loves it. The competition has a "Popularity" category that would be awesome for Richie to win. That's where you all come in. Go to THIS LINK to vote for his program. The voting link is at the bottom of the page.

Want to try out the game? Go here!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Truth Tuesday

To start off this week's Truth Tuesday, we're going to play a game called "Who Wore it Better?"


Miley Cyrus

  • So, who wore it better? My vote is for Claire.
  • No, I don't really style Claire's hair like that. I took the piggie tails out right after I snapped some photos.
  • Joke: Why does Waldo wear a striped shirt? (answer at bottom)
  • Richie was making an android app for a local company and they gave him a tablet to test it on. This tablet makes different noises than any electronics we have at our house. Well, last week, in the middle of the night, the tablet started getting notifications and I didn't recognizes any of the sounds it was making. Most people would assume it was a neighbor's phone and go back to bed. Not me. I convinced myself that there was a rapist waiting in our house, and they forgot to put their phone on silent before breaking in. I made Richie go search the whole house before coming back to bed. He found nothing and said it was probably just the new tablet. I still didn't believe him. I made him go get his phone and send a notification to himself on that tablet, just so we could replicate the "rapist's phone" sound. Richie ended up being right. There was no one hiding in our house and it was his new tablet making noise. 
  • Sometimes Claire thinks that I'm playing peekaboo with her, when really I'm ducking behind the kitchen island to snag a bite of Snickers, and then popping back up to say "peekaboo" and make sure she's not choking on her broccoli. 
  • Claire ate two pieces of lasagna for dinner tonight. She eats like a teenage boy going through a major growth spurt. 
  • Richie spent 20 minutes trying to convince me to stick my tongue to a 9 volt battery on Sunday. I was so scared, but I finally did it. He was shocked that I made it 22 years before participating in this rite of passage.
  • If I ever need to microwave something for 30 seconds, I always type 33 instead. It just saves so much time not having to move my finger all the way from the 3 to the 0.
  • Answer: because he doesn't want to be spotted. 

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Claire went to Richie's work to visit and take him some Halloween cookies. 

She dressed up as Super Man and loved her costume!

Richie was Batman and I was Spiderman.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Truth Tuesday

  • I'm still behind on blogging. Even after me going a little blog crazy the past few days. Want to know what it is? The trip to Lake Powell that I took with my family almost two months ago. There were sooo many wonderful pictures taken on that trip. Cutting out some of the photos wasn't an option. Putting every single photo into a blog post wasn't an option (unless I wanted all of you to boycott my blog). So, I've just put off blogging about it. Lame, right? 
  • Speaking of putting stuff off, I still have my voicemail on my phone set to "Lauren Gwilliam". I should probably change it.
  • That was weird to type out. Gwilliam. Lauren Gwilliam. Weird.
  • I have officially weaned Claire. She nursed for the last time on Sunday. I might have gotten a little teary-eyed. Last night was especially brutal. I gave Claire a good night kiss and tried handing her to Richie to rock her to sleep. She grabbed onto my arm with a death grip and screamed*. She wanted that milk before she went to bed. I felt so bad.
  • I might even feel worse today. Stopping nursing hurts. Why, you ask? Because my body keeps making milk and there is no where for it to go (unless I contemplate milking my self. Don't worry--I haven't stooped that low yet). Imagine a water balloon being filled way over its capacity. Seriously, guys. My boobs are on fire. ON FIRE. Which reminds me.... (go to 0:49 seconds)
That was my theme song for the day. And likely for the next few days. 

  • It seems parents are picking names for their kids that are more and more unique. Or just the spelling is unique. Kayitlynn instead of Caitlin. Payge instead of Paige. You get it. Are unique names really only a RECENT trend though? Think about it. For example, Snow White. Her name is SNOW. That's kind of weird.
  • I have a new pet peeve. It's when people say "I don't have time for that." A more correct thing to say? "I have free time. I choose to spend it doing other things." Who's with me on that one? I'll even start by setting a good example. I have plenty of time to blog each week. Sometimes I instead choose to play bubbleshooter and drink hot chocolate and read my books.
*Don't worry, Claire stopped screaming very quickly. She loves her daddy and went to bed peacefully. 

Truths about Richie:
  • We have something called a "magic floor" in our apartment. I put my dirty milk glass and cookie plate on the floor next to the sofa, and it magically makes its way to the sink. (In case you didn't pick up on it, Richie's the "magic" part about the magic floor.)
  • Richie is registered for a coding competition. Yep, you read that correctly. A coding competition. I love that he's comfortable to play up his nerdy side. 
  • I also love that Richie is okay to get a little domestic every once in a while. He made a peach pie earlier this week. It was delicious too.
  • My students have homework due tomorrow, so I've been getting a lot of emails with questions. Richie was trying to rearrange our electronics and I told him to be careful not to unplug the internet. He unplugged the internet. I still love him to death though. 
I hope everyone had a great Tuesday, and that your boobs feel way better than mine. Preece out.

Pumpkin Time

We went to a pumpkin patch with our Friends, Kelsey and Brian, a while ago. It was great! I stole some pictures from Kelsey's blog

Claire loved exploring all the pumpkins and hay.

Showing off our pumpkins. 

This might have been the greatest moment of Claire's life. 

We went back to our place and decorated our pumpkins. This is mine..

Brian's Batman pumpkin

Richie's pumpkin

Kelsey painted her pumpkin and put glitter on it. I don't have the finished picture...

This past Saturday, we went to the pumpkin walk with Tarin, Danny, and kids. It was fun and I'm glad they drove all the way up here!

Claire loved posing with the Disney princesses. She thought it was SO fun to stick her head through the holes. Cinderella...

Snow White...

Caydence, Claire and Will as Toy Story Characters

Claire as Harry Potter

Richie is an exact replica of Harry Potter in this picture. Don't believe me? Keep scrolling...

See what I mean? This is Richie in 7th grade. He's a miniature Harry Potter. All he needs is a lightning bolt. When Tarin saw the Harry Potter cutout, she insisted that Richie take his picture in it. And I think it was all because of this picture right here :)

Caydence wanted a picture as Harry Potter too

We couldn't get Claire away from the wooden cartoon cutouts...

So we snapped a few more photos of her...

Because she's just so dang cute...

Friday, October 25, 2013

Hairs and Prayers

I have a few pictures from around the house lately. I must take about 20 pictures of Claire every day. 

Claire's hair fits in piggie tails now. She looks WAY too old in these pictures. 

Claire always has fun hair when she wakes up from naps. She's the prettiest baby, even with her crazy hair. 
 Claire loves washing daddy's hair when she's in the bath. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture with (a) a baby looking, (b) the baby's arm strategically covering herself up, and (c) the baby washing her dad's hair? Well, it's hard. 

Claire sent this picture to her grandparents. From her own personal email. 

Claire folds her arms for prayers now. Her arms don't stay folded for long, and she does a lot of talking, but she's so cute, we'll forgive her. :)