Saturday, December 15, 2012

Random Pictures

 I am going to apologize in advance, because this is a very random blog post. But the pictures are mostly of cute Claire, so that makes it all okay.

Claire's first trip to In-N-Out. She obviously loved it!

Along with In-N-Out, Claire loves being read to.

A long time ago, my car hit a very important milestone: 77777 miles driven. And for those of you who want to comment on the speed of my car and taking pictures while driving... Richie was driving in an area where the speed limit was 75 mph, and I took the picture while he kept his eyes safely on the road. 

Recently, my car hit ANOTHER important milestone: 88888 miles driven!

Claire wore her Christmas dress last week so that our Logan ward could see it before we headed South for the holidays. She got plenty of compliments. Let's face it, she's extremely adorable.  

We had our friends, Kyle and Natalie, over for dinner last night. We wanted to do a Christmas-y get together before we left, so we made soup and they brought sugar cookie dough. Little did they know that Richie was dressed up like a professional chef moments before they walked in the door. 

Natalie makes the best sugar cookies, so I told her they couldn't come unless they brought the dough. We made little gingerbread man-shaped families, but Richie snapped the head off of the father before I could snap a picture. 

Hooray for finally being caught up on the blog!


Danny and Tarin said...

That first picture is to die for!

Heidi Hutchings said...

Love little Claire's Christmas dress.

sNick said...

I love that picture of Richie reading to Claire. The in-n-out hat is pretty classic, too.