Monday, August 27, 2012

Baby Shower 3

My third and final baby shower was thrown by my aunts Heidi, Janet and Sandi. It was at my aunt Heidi's new house and everything was baby themed! 

Including me! This tag was put on me right when I walked in the door and I wore it the whole night. It says, "Don't open until September 14, 2012!"

All of the food was delicious and looked like it popped right out of a Martha Stewart magazine. 

This was what greeted guests when they walked through the door. I got to take it home with me at the end of the night!

Party favors

Guests could fill a bag of pink candy when they left. 

We were sure to snap a picture of the Six Chicks. :)

There were flowers, ribbon, feathers, beads, and anything else girly available to make bows for Claire. 

Some of the bows that were made that night. 

We got everything that we needed for Claire, thanks to such generous friends and family. Now we just have to wait until she makes an appearance! :)

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