Saturday, June 23, 2012


Richie and I went to San Francisco, California with my family last month. We had such a great time! Here are some of the highlights. 

Lake Tahoe. 

Lily and Griffin kissing while waiting to go to Alcatraz. 

Richie and I on the way to Alcatraz. 

Everyone outside of Alcatraz

Richie and I outside of one of the prison cells. 

Bubba Gumps.

The kids at Golden Gate Bridge.

Kids at Muir Woods. 

Outside of the home we rented. We were very close to a beautiful beach. 

Gavin LOVED playing air hockey. 

Richie reading to Lily, Griffin, and Gavin. 

Outside of Google headquarters. 

Lombard Street. 

Richie drinking out of a toilet at the Exploratorium.

Shopping at Pier 39. 

Richie and the other boys took surfing lessons. They all did great! This is Richie surfing like a pro. 

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sNick said...

That pic of Richie reading to the kids is classic, and only the computer nerds would put Google headquarters on their list of things to see in the Bay area.