Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Orleans

For Spring break, we went to New Orleans with my parents, brother and cousin. It was so much fun!

 We went on a segway tour of the French Quarter, Bourbon Street, the Mississippi, and all through the city.

River boat cruise! The view was so pretty and there was a live jazz band on board. 

We went to the famous house of blues.

Cafe Du Monde. They're famous for their beignets and hot chocolate. We went back because going there once was not enough!

Jackson Square was beautiful. We watched street performers nearby and then I had my palm read. The fortune teller said I would be having a baby girl, and she was right! Although, she had a 50/50 shot at getting it right...

We went on a tour of the swamp and got to hold a baby crocodile. 

We learned how to make jambalaya, gumbo, bread pudding and pecan pralines. It was all delicious! 

We went to the Audubon Aquarium. We also went to a WWII museum. 

Here we are at Oak Alley. It was a civil war era plantation. 

On the Airplane! We had a great trip!

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