Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 8!

Day 8 was our last day on the boat, and our day in Victoria. The boys started the day off with an "Ultimate Tour" of the ship, so my mom and I hung out for the day.

We started off the day with a spa treatment (we didn't take any pictures though). I got a facial, a hot stone massage, and a pedicure. We then headed off to a cooking demonstration by the head chef.

We then went on a tour of the kitchen, where they had food sculptures. There were TONS, but this one was my favorite. :)

We joined back up with the boys and went to an ice carving demonstration. This one is a swan. There was also a fish, but I didn't get a good picture of it.

Once off the boat, we went straight to Butchart Gardens. This was once a quarry, and once they were done, they turned it into a garden. It's amazing that something that used to look so ugly turned into this beautiful garden.

View of the main part of the quarry.

This is a totem pole- not a tiki. You will be laughed at if you call it a tiki.

On the way out of the garden, I saw my dad step on a frog. Its whole body was squished and I was traumatized. This was my pouty face afterwards.

Yes, I did make small children wait to get on the pony so that I could take a picture on it.

Canadians decorate their garbage cans with flowers.

On their tour, the boys each got a chef's jacket.

They also got Princess Cruise robes. I told Richie that he could keep the chef jacket and I would take the robe. That way, he could cook dinner while I sat on the couch (with the robe on, of course) and watched.

We had such a fun trip and we were so glad we were able to go with my parents to Alaska!

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