Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Richie and I were feeling crafty one day, so we decided to make our own ottoman. I'll put the instructions up, so all the rest of you can make one too. :)

We started off by making the frame out of particle board.

Richie made the top of the frame. He loved being able to use all the power tools.

We covered the frame in 4 inch foam.

And then covered it in batting.

We stapled on the fabric. Richie was most excited about this part because he got a new staple gun.

We made buttons.

I painted the legs brown.

We attached the legs and sewed on the buttons, and we were finished!

We loved making our ottoman, so we made one for my parents for their birthdays! Their's was much better because we learned from our mistakes. :D

My parents loved the ottoman so much, they posted about it here.


sNick said...

It looks like Richie has no feet in that 3rd picture.

kelsey marie* said...

They look great! You're so crafty!