Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 6!

Day 6 was Glacier Bay. What a pretty place! We woke up early and toured through glacier after glacier. We watched huge chunks of glacier crack off and fall into the ocean (calving).

We switched back and forth between our balcony, and my parents balcony. We were on opposite sides of the ship, so whatever side had the better view, we went to!

After dinner, we went to a show. We arrived early, and Linda had a game for us to play to help us pass the time-BeanBoozled. You had to pick a Jelly Bean, and didn't know if it was a good flavor, or a bad one.
Banana-Pencil Shavings
Juicy Pear-Booger
Licorice-Skunk Spray
You get the idea. It was nasty, but a really fun game.

We ended the night with another show. The best part was the party at the beginning! They passed out tons of balloons and every one threw them around. It was fun to even see little, old people playing. The show was pretty good too.

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