Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 2!

On Saturday we had a while before we boarded the Golden Princess, so we shopped around Pikes Market.

I don't have very many pictures from Pikes, but I did take one picture at an antique shop. I love looking through antique shops. This one was HUGE. There were cabinets full of jewelry and dishes and racks of fur jackets and old dresses. Some of the items didn't seem "antique" really. I'm sure some people are offended when they go into this store and see items labeled "1960". Ha! But once Richie and I have a house, I'm going to find antique treasures to put in it. Isn't this hat great, though?

Here's our ship!

After we shopped around town, we headed to board the ship. We had a room on the 10th floor of the ship, and had an awesome view from our balcony.

My Dad was being a punk when I took this picture. He wasn't really asleep!

Dinner time! Dinner on the ship was amazing. The food was always delicious and our waiter, Ram, was so fun. You could order as many desserts as you wanted. They always served the women first, and assisted you in putting your napkin on your lap. We felt like royalty the whole time.

Dessert was the most important part of the day. This is the "Princess Love Boat Dream". It's chocolate mousse with a thin brownie crust. I got this dessert almost every night. :)

We also went to an opening show that night.
The first day on the boat was super fun. We could already tell this was going to be a great trip!

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Ty and Heath said...

Sounds like so much fun... can't wait to hear about the rest of it. :)