Sunday, May 8, 2011

Christmas 2010

Our first Christmas tree.

Perfect gingerbread house. Please notice the Santa Clause, brick driveway and snowman. I guess that's what happens when two OCD people make a gingerbread house.

Richie got Lord of the Rings.

Lauren got a cute new wallet.

Lauren was trying to act surprised about the Popcorn maker that she already knew about.

Enjoying the new popcorn maker!

Our sweet nephews and Santa!

It has become a tradition in the Gwilliam family to get a new t-shirt every year. Richie's says,
"YES, I am good with computers. NO, I am not going to fix yours."

"O Come Let Us Adore Me." How appropriate.

Kathie and Richie working on a Minute to Win it game.

Another Minute to Win it game. Richie liked this one the best. :)

Jazz game!

Matt got home a few days after Christmas. His biggest fear in coming home was that all his clothes had been stolen, so we all wore his clothes to the airport. We don't have any other pictures of Christmas with the Preece Family, but we had a great "Late Christmas" with them!

We had a very relaxing, fun Christmas with both families!

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